White Ice

Author by : Celia Brayfield
Language : en
Publisher by : Pan Macmillan
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Prima ballerina Lydia Kusminskaya, whose talents saved her from starvation in imperial St Petersburg, trusted her beauty to secure her place in the gilded cocoon of the court – unaware of the cataclysm about to destroy it, and her hopes. Eighty years later, in London, the legacy of Lydia’s beauty snares a woman and two men in the trap of their own obsessions: Alexander Wolfe, the desirable American who worships women and glamour; formidable businesswoman Bianca Berrisford, who believes beauty always has its price; and Lovat Whitburn, her bitter ex-husband, for whom beauty, once an ideal, is now a weapon. Now the three are chained to Lydia and each other in a lethal struggle for wealth, love and, above all, power. But the illusion of beauty which betrayed Lydia is lying in wait for them, too . . . ‘A breathtaking achievement’ Woman’s Own ‘Ms Brayfield knows what she is doing . . . her women sound and act like real women’ Anthony Burgess in the Independent ‘A wonderfully written novel about men, women and a burning obsession’ Me

Green Seas And White Ice

Author by : Miriam Look MacMillan
Language : en
Publisher by : New York : Dodd, Mead
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Description : Account of the 1937-39 expeditions to Labrador, Baffin Island and West Greenland, of Donald B. MacMillan, by his wife, who accompanied him.

Encyclopedia Of Snow Ice And Glaciers

Author by : Vijay P. Singh
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer Science & Business Media
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Description : The earth’s cryosphere, which includes snow, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, ice shelves, sea ice, river and lake ice, and permafrost, contains about 75% of the earth’s fresh water. It exists at almost all latitudes, from the tropics to the poles, and plays a vital role in controlling the global climate system. It also provides direct visible evidence of the effect of climate change, and, therefore, requires proper understanding of its complex dynamics. This encyclopedia mainly focuses on the various aspects of snow, ice and glaciers, but also covers other cryospheric branches, and provides up-to-date information and basic concepts on relevant topics. It includes alphabetically arranged and professionally written, comprehensive and authoritative academic articles by well-known international experts in individual fields. The encyclopedia contains a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from the atmospheric processes responsible for snow formation; transformation of snow to ice and changes in their properties; classification of ice and glaciers and their worldwide distribution; glaciation and ice ages; glacier dynamics; glacier surface and subsurface characteristics; geomorphic processes and landscape formation; hydrology and sedimentary systems; permafrost degradation; hazards caused by cryospheric changes; and trends of glacier retreat on the global scale along with the impact of climate change. This book can serve as a source of reference at the undergraduate and graduate level and help to better understand snow, ice and glaciers. It will also be an indispensable tool containing specialized literature for geologists, geographers, climatologists, hydrologists, and water resources engineers; as well as for those who are engaged in the practice of agricultural and civil engineering, earth sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, ecosystem management, and other relevant subjects.

Comptes Rendus Of Observation And Reasoning

Author by : J. Y. Buchanan
Language : en
Publisher by : Cambridge University Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Originally published in 1917, this book gathers together a selection of the papers of Scottish chemist and oceanographer John Young Buchanan.

White Sky Black Ice

Author by : Stan Jones
Language : en
Publisher by : Soho Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : In the small Alaskan village of Chukchi, what are the odds of two suicides occurring in a matter of a few days? State trooper Nathan Active discovers that his suspicions concerning the deaths are well-founded; the two men were murdered. But what was the motive and who killed them?

White As Ice

Author by : Fran Stewart
Language : en
Publisher by :
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : In this long-awaited, eagerly anticipated concluion of the Biscuit McKee Mystery Series, Fran Stewart has reached the pinnacle of her wriring career. As we say goodbye to Biscuit and Marmalade, the mysteries surrounding the town of Martinsville, Georgia are finally revealed.

Everybody Loves Ice Cream

Author by : Shannon Jackson Arnold
Language : en
Publisher by : Emmis Books
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The essential guide for ice cream lovers everywhere.