The Righteous Outlaw

Author by : Brother J
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Publisher by : Author House
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Description : This book tells the compelling story of Brother J, who became a Christian in North Korea, where such faith is forbidden, in the spring of 1996 through God's Providence. Brother J reminds our readers that God has not forgotten the people of North Korea; His light is shining even in that dark land. North Koreans are coming to Jesus Christ for salvation. Once they become Christians, these underground North Korean brothers and sisters are steadfast and resolute for the Lord. They stand up for the Truth despite persecution and heavy penalties, even death. They work as one to spread the Gospel of salvation in the clandestine society of North Korea.

Robin Hood And The Outlaw Ed Literary Canon

Author by : Lesley Coote
Language : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : This cutting-edge volume demonstrates both the literary quality and the socio-economic importance of works on "the matter of the greenwood" over a long chronological period. These include drama texts, prose literature and novels (among them, children's literature), and poetry. Whilst some of these are anonymous, others are by acknowledged canonical writers such as William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and John Keats. The editors and the contributors argue that it is vitally important to include Robin Hood texts in the canon of English literary works, because of the high quality of many of these texts, and because of their significance in the development of English literature.

British Outlaws Of Literature And History

Author by : Alexander L. Kaufman
Language : en
Publisher by : McFarland
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Description : The medieval outlaws of Britain maintain a hold on the present-day imagination, judging by their presence in literature and on film. Exploring the nature of both historical and fictional outlaws, these twelve critical essays survey the literary, historical, and cultural environments that produced them, namely the medieval and early modern periods. Divided into three parts, the text examines the historical records of real outlawed men and women and the representation of Jews in medieval Britain as possible outlaws, outlaws associated specifically with Wales, and the popular figure of Robin Hood and the context of the late medieval poems and plays that feature him as a prominent figure.

Invincible And Righteous Outlaw

Author by : Minsoo Kang
Language : en
Publisher by : University of Hawaii Press
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Description : One of the most important and popular premodern Korean novels, The Story of Hong Gildong is a fast-paced adventure story about the illegitimate son of a nobleman who becomes the leader of a band of honest outlaws who take from the rich and punish the corrupt. Despite the importance of the work to Korean culture--it is often described as the story of the Korean Robin Hood--studies of the novel have been hindered by a number of myths, namely that it was authored in the early sixteenth century by statesman Heo Gyun, who wrote it not only in protest of Joseon-dynasty laws on the rights of illegitimate children, but also as a manifesto of his own radical political ideas. In Invincible and Righteous Outlaw, the first book-length study of the novel in English, Minsoo Kang reveals that The Story of Hong Gildong was most likely written by an anonymous mid-nineteenth-century writer whose primary concern was appealing to the increasing number of readers in the late Joseon looking to be entertained and that the myth of Heo's authorship can be traced to the writing of literary scholar Kim Taejun in the 1930s. Following a detailed examination of the history and literary significance of the novel--including analysis based on Eric Hobsbawm's work on the universal figure of the noble robber--Kang surveys the many afterlives of the hero Hong Gildong, who throughout the decades has appeared and reappeared in countless revisionist novels, films, television dramas, and comics, even inspiring the creation of a Hong Gildong theme park in South Korea. He shows how the story was altered, distorted, and reinvigorated during and after the Japanese colonial period in both the North and the South for political, social, and literary purposes. While demonstrating the continued relevance of the novel and its hero in Korean culture up to the present day, Kang makes it clear that such narratives have served mostly to distance readers from a better understanding of this classic work.

Outlaws And Highwaymen

Author by : Gillian Spraggs
Language : en
Publisher by : Vintage
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Description : A riveting study of English robbers of history and legend. In the modern imagination, the highwayman is a figure on horseback in a three-cornered hat who holds up a mail-coach with pistols. But England has a long legendary history of robber heroes that goes back well before Dick Turpin and Robin Hood. This lively and informative book draws on street ballads and social commentary, gossip and high literature, popular anecdotes and criminal biographies in charting the images of the highway robber across eight centuries.

The One Percenter Encyclopedia

Author by : Bill Hayes
Language : en
Publisher by : Motorbooks International
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Description : Ever wonder how the Hells Angels got their name, or about that little demonic critter on the Pagan's patch? What about the local one-percenter motorcycle club that hangs out at the corner bar? What goes on there? This book answers these questions and more. The One-Percenter Encyclopedia: The World of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from Abyss Ghosts to Zombies Elite features concise entries that include information on founding chapters, founding dates, number of chapters and members, club and leadership biographies, and more. This book covers all the major clubs--Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans, Mongols, Vagos--as well as lesser-known clubs from around the world.

Outlaw Hunter

Author by : Carol Arens
Language : en
Publisher by : Harlequin
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Description : An outlaw's wife… With her home burned down, her outlaw husband believed dead and five children entrusted to her care, Melody Dawson must leave the ashes of her past behind to start afresh… And an outlaw hunter… Atoning for a youthful mistake, US marshal Reeve Prentis has made tracking down criminals his life's work. His dangerous job has always demanded a solitary existence, yet escorting Melody across the Wild West has Reeve longing for change, and a family of his own! "One exhilarating read…. Take a deep breath and enjoy!" —RT Book Reviews on Rebel with a Cause


Author by : Lisa Plumley
Language : en
Publisher by : Lisa Plumley
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Description : "Four stars! A fun, fast-paced, passionate adventure of a lady and a mad ride through the wild west. A real treat for western romance fans!" —Romantic Times Mason Kincaid is on a mission to reclaim his young son and his good name from the men who had stolen both. But even an outlaw can't leave a lady alone in the middle of the Arizona territory--especially after she's been accidentally dumped from the stagecoach he's just held up. Now, Miss Amelia O'Malley is along for the ride--and this mismatched duo is headed for an adventure together that could be the beginning of a future destined to last. "What a grand ride! Outlaw is a fantastic, rip-roaring western romance that ropes you in, ties you up in knots, and doesn't turn loose until the last page is turned. A tremendous rush! This one is fun!" —Romance Communications "Hysterically funny with plenty of outrageous situations and eccentric characters, Outlaw is a true gem from first page to last. Ms. Plumley is an author of exceptional talent whose witty style makes her one of the genre's finest." —Rendezvous "Well-versed in her craft, Lisa Plumley does so much more than just tell a story. With wit and verve, she catches the reader's imagination from the very first sentence, spinning a tale of adventure and romance... I didn't want this remarkable romance to end. I loved it!" —Romance Communications "Ms. Plumley spins a yarn of humor, pathos, and romance that leaves the reader eager to turn the pages. Her colorful descriptions and attention to historical detail accentuate her story with depth and authenticity. Ms. Plumley is an author worth watching!" —Calico Trails "This is one great western romance you will love. I did. SPLENDID! 4½ BELLS!" —Bell, Book and Candle "Lisa Plumley's seemingly effortless prose flows like a swift-running river, carrying the reader along until the last poignant pages. A sweet, ageless tale of love and healing, in the American West. 4 stars!" —Affaire de Coeur "A delightful, totally pleasing romp through the Old West... Ms. Plumley has, with a deft touch, given the world of romance a pair of lovers to be remembered. A great read!" —Under the Covers Book Reviews "Lisa Plumley gives readers an exciting western adventure with witty dialogue. The hero is to die for... Western fans will adore this story! —Reader To Reader Reviews

Western American Literature

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