The Holocaust S Ghost

Author by : F. C. DeCoste
Language : en
Publisher by : University of Alberta
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Description : A powerful collection of commentary on the Holocaust by international writers from nine disciplines. The volume forms a response to the Holocaust's demands on memory and on thought, and is an occasion to encounter the Holocaust both as history and as possibility. Contributors provided essays on art, politics, law, and education. The 38 contributors include: Stephen Feinstein, Director, Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies; Carol Ann Reed, Director, Holocaust Education and Memorial Centre of Toronto; Sid Chafetz, artist and professor of art; Henry Friedlander, professor of history, Brooklyn College; David M. Crowe, professor of history, Elon College; Mark Osiel, professor of law, University of Iowa; James E. Young, professor of English and Judaic studies, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Sybil Milton, Vice-President, Independent Experts: Switzerland-World War II; and Zygmunt Bauman, emeritus professor of sociology, University of Leeds. The book has won several awards, including the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence, Second Place, to copyeditor Carol Berger.

Ghost From The Holocaust

Author by : Barry P. Hall
Language : en
Publisher by : AuthorHouse
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Description : The victim, a Jew who had survived the holocaust gets murdered at the harness race track in Peterborough. His friends are war veterans who form an amateur sleuth group to catch the murderer. The police have few clues and give up. The group is made up of retired men, who would rather spend their time fishing and playing golf than be the only ones to track down the killer. During their search for the murderer they come up against a clever thief who leads them a merry but violent chase. This thief is their chief suspect. The leader of the group is a well to do retired school teacher. Part of the pursuit is experienced at his cottage were they run up against an unexpected obstacle. Another of their group, George is an ex-policeman and is a joker who is egged on by the jokes their church secretary unwittingly puts in the church bulletin on Sundays. George provides the comic relief, until they finally solve this puzzling crime. Robert the third member of the core group is an immigrant from Scotland. He flew spitfires in the Battle of Britain and was aloft dog fighting when his family gets wiped out by Nazi bombers. He comes to Peterborough to get away.

The Postcolonial Low Countries

Author by : Elleke Boehmer
Language : en
Publisher by : Lexington Books
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Description : The Postcolonial Low Countries is the first book to bring together critical and comparative approaches to the emergent field of neerlandophone postcolonial studies. Each one of the contributions puts under pressure the definitive concepts of postcolonial studies in its more conventional anglophone or francophone formation, as well as perceptions of the Low Countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, as lying outside or to the side of the postcolonial domain.

The Ghosts Of The Avant Garde S

Author by : James M. Harding
Language : en
Publisher by : University of Michigan Press
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Description : Pronouncements such as “the avant-garde is dead,” argues James M. Harding, have suggested a unified history or theory of the avant-garde. His book examines the diversity and plurality of avant-garde gestures and expressions to suggest “avant-garde pluralities” and how an appreciation of these pluralities enables a more dynamic and increasingly global understanding of vanguardism in the performing arts. In pursuing this goal, the book not only surveys a wide variety of canonical and noncanonical examples of avant-garde performance, but also develops a range of theoretical paradigms that defend the haunting cultural and political significance of avant-garde expressions beyond what critics have presumed to be the death of the avant-garde. The Ghosts of the Avant-Garde(s) offers a strikingly new perspective not only on key controversies and debates within avant-garde studies but also on contemporary forms of avant-garde expression within a global political economy.

The Train Journey

Author by : Simone Gigliotti
Language : en
Publisher by : Berghahn Books
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Description : Deportations by train were critical in the Nazis' genocidal vision of the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question." Historians have estimated that between 1941 and 1944 up to three million Jews were transported to their deaths in concentration and extermination camps. In his writings on the "Final Solution," Raul Hilberg pondered the role of trains: "How can railways be regarded as anything more than physical equipment that was used, when the time came, to transport the Jews from various cities to shooting grounds and gas chambers in Eastern Europe?" This book explores the question by analyzing the victims' experiences at each stage of forced relocation: the round-ups and departures from the ghettos, the captivity in trains, and finally, the arrival at the camps. Utilizing a variety of published memoirs and unpublished testimonies, the book argues that victims experienced the train journeys as mobile chambers, comparable in importance to the more studied, fixed locations of persecution, such as ghettos and camps.

Holocaust Studies

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Description :

King Leopold S Ghost

Author by : Adam Hochschild
Language : en
Publisher by : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Description : "An enthralling story . . . A work of history that reads like a novel." — Christian Science Monitor “As Hochschild’s brilliant book demonstrates, the great Congo scandal prefigured our own times . . . This book must be read and reread.” — Los Angeles Times Book Review In the late nineteenth century, as the European powers were carving up Africa, King Leopold II of Belgium carried out a brutal plundering of the territory surrounding the Congo River. Ultimately slashing the area’s population by ten million, he still managed to shrewdly cultivate his reputation as a great humanitarian. A tale far richer than any novelist could invent, King Leopold’s Ghost is the horrifying account of a megalomaniac of monstrous proportions. It is also the deeply moving portrait of those who defied Leopold: African rebel leaders who fought against hopeless odds and a brave handful of missionaries, travelers, and young idealists who went to Africa for work or adventure but unexpectedly found themselves witnesses to a holocaust and participants in the twentieth century’s first great human rights movement. A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist A New York Times Notable Book

Israeli Holocaust Drama

Author by : Michael Taub
Language : en
Publisher by : Syracuse University Press
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Description : This collection brings together for the first time the dramatic responses to the Holocaust from two generations of Israel playwrights. Leah Goldberg, Aharon Megged, and Ben Zion Tomer survived the Holocaust and settled in Israel after the war. Their plays explore survival issues and the concepts of heroism and of good and evil in a candid, straightforward manner.

Reluctant Witnesses

Author by : Arlene Stein
Language : en
Publisher by : Oxford University Press
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Description : Americans now learn about the Holocaust in high school, watch films about it on television, and visit museums dedicated to preserving its memory. But for the first two decades following the end of World War II, discussion of the destruction of European Jewry was largely absent from American culture and the tragedy of the Holocaust was generally seen as irrelevant to non-Jewish Americans. Today, the Holocaust is widely recognized as a universal moral touchstone. In Reluctant Witnesses, sociologist Arlene Stein--herself the daughter of a Holocaust survivor--mixes memoir, history, and sociological analysis to tell the story of the rise of Holocaust consciousness in the United States from the perspective of survivors and their descendants. If survivors tended to see Holocaust storytelling as mainly a private affair, their children--who reached adulthood during the heyday of identity politics--reclaimed their hidden family histories and transformed them into public stories. Reluctant Witnesses documents how a group of people who had previously been unrecognized and misunderstood managed to find its voice. It tells this story in relation to the changing status of trauma and victimhood in American culture. At a time when a sense of Holocaust fatigue seems to be setting in and when the remaining survivors are at the end of their lives, it affirms that confronting traumatic memories and catastrophic histories can help us make our world mean something beyond ourselves.

Madeleine S Ghost

Author by : Robert Girardi
Language : en
Publisher by : Delta
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Description : Follows a restless ghost as she yearns for the touch that will release her from her purgatory, while a young historian searches for true love in New Orleans