The Father Who Redeems And The Son Who Obeys

Author by : Svetlana Khobnya
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Description : The idea of God the Father has attracted scholarly attention for centuries, especially in terms of the revelation of God's fatherhood through the Son. 'The Father Who Redeems and the Son Who Obeys' balances the Christological perspective on God's nature with the image of God the Father that has its roots in the Old Testament, and is more prominent in the Second Temple period than sometimes acknowledged. For Paul, God is the Father who redeems. The Old Testament imagery that shaped the Israelites' conception of God's interaction with them (and which was a basis for God's future restoration of the nation, despite their unfaithfulness) is central to Paul's explanation of the new salvific act of God the Father in Christ, the faithful and obedient Son.

The Bible Exposition Commentary

Author by : Warren W. Wiersbe
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Publisher by : David C Cook
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Description : Here is a commentary that doesn't read like a commentary but like letters from a good friend. Here is the exciting truth of the New Testament Scriptures wrapped in the warm, personal style of one of America's best-loved Bible teachers. Study the first half of the New Testament, from Matthew through Galatians, in digestible sections that emphasize personal application as well as biblical content. And be spiritually enriched as have hundreds of thousands of other pastors, teachers, and students of the Word who have benefited from this best-selling series with over 2 million copies in print. Dr. Warren Wiersbe brings the people, places, history, and teachings of the New Testament to life in the pages of The Bible Exposition Commentary. This first volume is a compilation of the following books: and Be Loyal Matthew Be Dynamic Acts 1-12 Be Diligent Mark Be Daring Acts 13-28 Be Compassionate Luke 1-13 Be Right Romans Be Courageous Luke 14-24 Be Wise 1 Corinthians Be Alive John 1-12 Be Encouraged 2 Corinthians Be Transformed John 13-21 Be Free Galatians

Christian Treasury

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Description :

Redeemed By God

Author by : Douglas D. Reynolds
Language : en
Publisher by : Trafford Publishing
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Description : Redeemed by God helps you sense a greater presence of God in your life, experience His love in a more personal way, and grow into an intimate and secure relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

The Farewell Discourses

Author by : Adrienne von Speyr
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Publisher by : Ignatius Press
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Description : Von Speyr continues her wonderful reflections on the Gospel of John, concentrating here on The Farewell Discourses of Jesus, which reveal both the heart of John's Gospel and the Heart of Our Lord.

Rainbow In The Night Sky

Author by : Sandra Summers
Language : en
Publisher by : Xulon Press
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Description : SANDRA SUMMERS RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT SKY! (A PROPHETIC & APOSTOLIC VERNISSAGE) RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT SKY! [ INTERPRETING THE PROPHETIC SIGNS OF THE TIMES! [ HOW GOD SPEAKS TO US THROUGH COLORS [ PROCLAIMING THE KINGDOM OF GOD & HEAVEN! [ RECEIVING VISION AND THE REDEMPTIVE PLAN [ INSTRUCTION IN ONE-ON-ONE SPIRITUAL COMBAT! [ AN EXPOSITION ON THE APOSTOLIC ANOINTING [ PREPARING US TO LIVE IN NEW DIMENSIONS SANDRA FREEMAN-BEDFORD / SANDRA SUMMERS Sandra is a native Texan. She is an avid writer and prolific preacher/teacher of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Her passion and priority is her love and ministry to the LORD. Sandra has an understanding of Kingdom truth that brings clarity and relevance to the prophetic and apostolic ministries. She is a songwriter/psalmist, anointed to provoke others into third-heaven worship. Sandra is the Founder/Pastor of Sandra Bedford Ministries and New Reign Covenant Assemblies. Her public literary works include Understanding the Prophetic, Birthmark, Prayer-A Cry of the Heart, and poetry published through the International Library of Poetry.

The Exceeding Riches Of His Grace

Author by : Byran Russell
Language : en
Publisher by : Holy Fire Publishing
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Description : The entrance of sin into the universe had changed the course of events and affected God's relationship with His creatures; but Grace has reset it and reestablished that relationship. There could not have been a greater consequence of sin than the threefold consequence of death. Yet Grace triumphs over death and brings immortality to life. The epistles herein considered deal exhaustively with Grace: its source, its application, and the effects of its application. However, most of their contents deal with the application of Grace to emphasize that the blessings of Grace extend beyond time to eternity. Though one cannot change one's own nature, one can change one's destiny by the opportunity offered by Grace. Grasp the opportunity with both hands, with your heart and soul.

When The Father Holds You Close

Author by : Cynthia Heald
Language : en
Publisher by : Harper Collins
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Description : The bestselling author of "A Woman's Journey to the Heart of God" leads readers into the timeless truths of Scripture to explore the nature of intimacy with God.