The Black Atheist in Americ
  • Release Date : 01 June 2012
  • Publisher : Outskirts Press
  • Genre : African Americans
  • Pages : 238 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 143279471X
Ratings: 4
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Download or read book entitled The Black Atheist in Americ by author: Jason Winn which was release on 01 June 2012 and published by Outskirts Press with total page 238 pages . This book available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle Format. "The Black Atheist in America" is a powerful and thought provoking wake up call for the Black Community. Author Jason Winn delivers a rock solid combination of facts and flavor that will transform the aimless believer into a well informed doer.Religion has maintained a very violent and sordid history throught mankinds' life on the planet. Religion was very instrumental in The Crusades, the Trans-Atlantic/Trans-Sahara slave trade, the Arab/Israeli War, and the Spanish Inquisition just to name a few. These ultra destructive events have caused vast numbers of people to lose their lives all in the name of one mans' god being greater than the other mans' god.In the Black Community. The pastors and preists of today are keeping their congregations ill informed. Much is swept under the rug by these religious leaders who continue to make lack luster headlines involving sex, drugs, and betrayal. In the end, everybody suffers. People, both young and old, will lose their time, money, and (if no action is taken) their lives.From start to finish "The Black Atheist in America" is excellent. It examines the harmful effects that religion has on the African American from a historical and factual stand point. It reveals the very retrogressive mindset of religion and the progressive mindset of critical thinking. And lastly, this book reveals workable solutions to the limited horizons and dismal expectations so "characteristic" in the Black Community. These solutions are extremely viable only if a critically thinking mind is brought to the table and not religion."