Pray And Watch The Impossible Happen

Author by : Josian Frampton
Language : en
Publisher by : First Edition Design Pub.
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Description : This journey on prayer is meant to expose the supernatural capabilities of God. It unleashes insight into the unlimited power of God when we pray. Found within its pages, is empowerment to defeat intimidation caused by uncertainties and impossibilities. This book will encourage unwavering faith capable of bringing phenomenal results through prayers. Pray and Watch the Impossible Happen drives belief and compels one to fall on their knees. Its exploration of prayer is unique in that, it provides a fascinating spiritual depth on the subject. It is empowering, inspirational and convicting. This book is certain to change the way you pray and reach God. This book identifies prayer as the key component to spiritual maturity. When consciously exercised, prayer yields answers in the face of child - like faith. Consequently, it is one’s belief which makes the difference in the responses received from God. There are many people who believe in God, but they do not believe what God says. The book encourages people to believe in the realness of God. His capability to answer every prayer and meet every need, is based on the promise of His word. During Christ’s ministry on earth, he always asked people about their belief when he was about to heal or perform a miracle. After each healing he’d also remind them that it was their faith that made them well. Author Bio: Josian Frampton is a graduate from Andrews University Theological Seminary. She is a licensed minister, public speaker and currently serves as an evangelist. keywords: Captivating, Inspirational, Motivating, Eye - Opening, Fascinating, Intriguing, Powerful, Life - Altering, Informing, Spiritually Charging

Strengthen Your Stance

Author by : Willie Jones
Language : en
Publisher by : Holy Fire Publishing
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Description : As we continue to live, learn and grow because of the things life toss our way, we discover through these experiences that survival is only the first stage of our victory. The residue of what we have gone through still makes it hard to totally exhale and relax. God has a better plan. He wants to show us how to move pass just surviving and teach us how to become more than conquerors. God will teach us how to ride the waves in life. He will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and obstacles into opportunities.

The Mountains Are Calling

Author by : Ollie Fobbs
Language : en
Publisher by :
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Description : The Mountains are Calling was first meant to be a poetry style work. Then it began to turn into a teaching guide about the spiritual things that life has to offer. What do we miss when the world is screaming by us at a rate of speed that is just blinding to the humanistic approach? The answer is not much, we will always miss more than we see mainly because there are millions of things going on all of the time, and our focus is set on the things we are directed to have a part in. Many of us fail in life not because we don't have the needed requirements that the world is calling for, but we lack the intensity of spiritual drives that gives us the needed fire to be strengthened when we find ourselves at our weakest points in life. Life requires us to take action, but so does the true nature of the Spirit, Genesis 1 revealed that we are to take action in every area of life so that our prosperity is assured, but, at the same time we are also to continuously seek out rest as well.

The Little Book Of Prayers

Author by : R.J. Chandler Sr.
Language : en
Publisher by : WestBow Press
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Description : “I am very impressed with this practical book on the importance and power of prayer. I do hope that this book finds its way into every church in Zion and beyond, and yes, even into our households.” –Bishop Michael A. Frencher, AME Zion Eastern West Africa Episcopal District “I recommend this book to the young in Faith among us, especially student pastors, and will be put to good use in theological centers in Zion Methodism. This book will serve an excellent source of aid for ministry.” –Bishop Samuel C. Ekemam (Rtd.), AME Zion “Dr. Chandler does a masterful job in melding the essence of spirituality, scholarship, and humility toward a vital prayer life.” –The Reverend Theodore A. Henderson, Pastor; United States Air Force, Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) “Dr. Chandler has laid out the communication channel to which invocation and petition meet the essence of spirituality.” –The Reverend Dr. Baron N. Hopkins Sr, Pastor; United States Army, Chaplain Major “The Little Book of Prayers” addresses the process, protocols, and positions of prayer with practical and insightful help that will encourage its readers to pray effectively and consistently. I believe this book will demystify the subject of prayer for some, and intensify the experience for others." –The Reverend Anthony W. Wallace, Senior Pastor, Crossroad Christian Church

The Impossible Made Possible

Author by : Rob Bryant
Language : en
Publisher by : Baptist Sunday School Board
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Description :

Making The Impossible Possible

Author by : Jason Boreyko
Language : en
Publisher by : New Vision International
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Drawing from his vast experience, [the author] guides his reader through the process that has helped him [become] a millionaire in just two years. [He] is currently the co-CEO and co-Founder of New Vision International, which has become the fastest growing nutritional network marketing company in the history of the industry ... According to [the author], it all starts with dreaming big dreams and developing belief structures that will allow you to achieve anything. [He] will help you determine what it is you truly want, and his program will help you set out on your journey to make it possible. [He] devised his exclusive "D.B.D." plan, (Dream Big Dreams) which shows anyone how to set and achieve goals, create an action plan to get results, and chart their course for the future. To create the life you desire, learn [his] secrets to thinking it, acting and becoming it (Also known as [his] TAB Plan!) Learn the power of the spoken word and the strength of visualization ... Through exercises and ... examples, supported by ... memorable stories, [he] offers everyone ways to sharpen and develop the skills necessary to achieve the success you desire in work and in life.-Dust jacket.

Watch And Pray

Author by : Nancy Lundgren
Language : en
Publisher by : Wadsworth Publishing Company
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The matrilineal Fante are members of one of the most populous ethnic groups in Ghana, the Akan. They are the dominant group in the Cape Coast area and have a long history in the region. They are Fanti speakers, but also speak the national language, which is English. This case study provides an intimate look at the Fante, who now reside in towns and villages, are predominantly Christian and earn their living primarily as traders, farmers and fishing people, but are found in all walks of life including: government officials, teachers, University professors, lawyers and doctors.The people of Akotokiyr and Abaasa and Nim want readers to know about their villages and the people associated with them because they represent a spirit and a tradition and a collaborative lifestyle that are rapidly changing. The book makes it possible for readers to become participants in the scene—be it in a home, a “palace” of a chief, a church, in the market place, or in the author’s own home—where they can see firsthand the ways in which the new is being incorporated into the old. As the Series Editor says, “the blazing sun, the airless rooms with concrete block walls with roofs of sheet iron, the dust, flies, rough streets, the verdant forest, the streams the open, running sewers, all become habitats of our minds as we read of the author's interactions with people in the small villages where she is living and working.”

Prayer Changes Things

Author by : Connie Thompson and Audrey Bowen
Language : en
Publisher by : Trafford Publishing
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : If you've been asking God to teach you how to pray, or if would like to learn how to pray better, then we are glad you have chosen our book to read. In the following pages, we have used scriptures, personal accounts and testimonies to show you how prayer changes things. We have emphasized specific scriptures in each chapter. God has used us to pray for others, and allowed us to watch His miracles unfold in their everyday lives. As you read this special book from God, may He give you divine insights and revelations concerning your own prayer life. Trust Him and he will help you find areas in your prayer life that need growth. As you draw near to God, He will direct your paths.

Thoughts Of The Heart

Author by : Tammy Lynn Robinson
Language : en
Publisher by : Xlibris Corporation
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Thoughts of the Heart, is a collection of snapshots from my personal moments. It was written to encourage every reader to have a good journey in spite of the difficult days you face! It is an easy read and it offers practical points for dealing with everyday life. The reflections are of poems, prayers, passions, keepsakes, and short stories. It provides a variety of feelings expressed in a slightly poetic way. It has an uncommon twist for reasoning with hidden thoughts. It reveals them! Wait, I know there are some things that we must keep to ourselves, and believe me I will! We all know that many thoughts are better off left unsaid. And we should constantly pray down the evil ones. Nevertheless, these thoughts are out! And as you read; you witness my love, my inspiration, my fears, my tears, my hopes, my dreams, and my desire to be open with you. In fact, I gift you with my found treasure. In a nutshell, this book reveals me in a uniquely different and real way! I hope you will find comfort, embrace love, and become moved to action as much as I was compelled to write. Ultimately, I pray you will be inspired to believe that all things are possible through Jesus Christ, think outside of the box of limits, and become motivated to share the amazing gift that God has given you! I encourage you to share your one of a kind self, the self that you were created to share, “Straight from the heart!” We can’t do anything about the past, and we don’t know what the future holds, but we can decide to make the most of the precious moments that we have left! And as you journey on to the end; show the love, make a difference, and highlight your lessons learned then pass them on! In the meantime remember to be simply you, and to find positive and creative ways to express the desires of your heart! Because keeping sentiments, emotions, and love pinned up inside aches the heart, despairs the mind, and keeps you from experiencing your many possibilities! I trust that my perspective will somehow connect with your innermost thoughts and aspirations in one way or another. I hope to spark a positive reaction within you that is unforgettable! So fasten your seat belt and get ready to travel with me through some of my “Memorable Moments,” one page at a time. Please know I wish you well! And whenever you need Christ, He will always be there for you! I promise!