People Of The Road

Author by : Mathias Oppersdorff
Language : en
Publisher by : Syracuse University Press
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Description : Living along country lanes in tents and barrel-top wagons, Travellers have for centuries been a people apart from Irish society. Photographer Mathias Oppersdorff first encountered them twenty-eight years ago in County Kerry at Puck Fair. His photographs—often stark and disturbing, yet always humane—offer a profound look at people at the crossroads of their existence. Although the Travellers themselves now concede that education and settling down are important factors for a good future, the pull of tradition is strong; many Travellers miss the open road and are ill at ease leaving a life that, for centuries, has been uniquely theirs. Oppersdorff's photographs take us through some of the most turbulent times for the Travellers. Although in years past they were defined by their nomadism, more recently many have chosen to live in housing projects and trailer parks, partially due to government-sponsored subsidies. As a result, traditional roadside tent-camps are a thing of the past. The photographer states that the themes revolving around the human condition are his forte. When some of his earlier photographs of the Travellers first appeared in a one-man show in New York City, A. D. Coleman wrote in The New York Times, "[Oppersdorff] is an honest and gutty photographer with much to say."

Reforming The Financing System For The Road Sector In The People S Republic Of China

Author by : Asian Development Bank
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Publisher by : Asian Development Bank
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Description : The People's Republic of China implemented the Fuel Tax Reform in 2009. It abolished a range of provincial and local government fees and increased the central government tax on motor vehicle fuel. This reform centralized the government revenues for the sector, but various issues remain. This publication analyzes the implications of the reform on the operation and maintenance of ordinary roads. It recommends the formation of a National Road and Funding Administration, responsible for the national road programs and policy, and the creation of a central road trust fund to finance the operation and maintenance of ordinary roads.

People Of The Silence

Author by : Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Language : en
Publisher by : Tor Books
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Description : At its pinnacle in A.D. 1150 the Anasazi empire of the Southwest would see no equal in North America for almost eight hundred years. Yet even at this cultural zenith, the Anasazi held the seeds of their own destruction deep within themselves.... On his deathbed, the Great Sun Chief learns a secret, a shame so vile to him that even at the brink of eternity he cannot let it pass: In a village far to the north is a fifteen-summers-old girl who must be found. Though he knows neither her name nor her face, the Great Sun decrees that the girl must at all costs be killed. Fleeing for her life as her village lies in ruins, young Cornsilk is befriended by Poor Singer, a curious youth seeking to touch the soul of the Katchinas. Together, they undertake the perilous task of staying alive long enough to discover her true identity. But time is running out for them all--a desperate killer stalks them, one who is willing to destroy the entire Anasazi world to get to her. New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and award-winning archaeologists W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear bring the stories of these first North Americans to life in People of the Silence and other volumes in the magnicent North America's Forgotten Past series. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Motorcycle Road Trips Vol 13 People Places Things Four Decades Motorcycling The Usa

Author by : Backroad Bob
Language : en
Publisher by : Backroad Bob
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Description : Twenty-five previously published articles from the Backroad Bob's Motorcycle Adventures - People, Places, & Things CD.People - These articles examine some interesting motorcyclists and the powerful personalities that drive them. Places - Are you looking for an excuse to ride? These destinations will give you one.Things - Most of these articles are about motorcycle organizations and events.

Social Media On The Road

Author by : Oskar Juhlin
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer Science & Business Media
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Description : In the future, everyday life in traffic will be intricately meshed with city life. Today motorways, cities and streets are places where we spend a considerable amount of time, and where a large number of everyday encounters between people occur. Any road user’s journey coincides with hundreds or even thousands of others. This book unpacks the details of the practical achievements involved in socially engaging with people at high speed. Although, generally speaking, these encounters are brief and interaction is slight, the recent emergence of mobile technologies offers opportunities to support drivers and passengers beyond just helping them to reach their destination. New social media could enhance interaction in traffic making life on the road more interesting and meaningful. Such innovative applications could include car stereos that share music amongst drivers; digital games that interact with the landscape passing outside the car windows, or with passengers in surrounding cars; message systems that allow drivers to help each other; and web applications that allow motorcyclists to socialize on the road. Social Media on the Road - The Future of Car Based Computing provides a bridge between research in transport planning and traffic technology, and new media areas such as Computer Human Interaction and Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Those studying and researching in the areas of human computer interaction in mobile use contexts, and those interested in developing new forms of mobile applications and services will find this book an excellent resource. Oskar Juhlin is Associate Professor and Director of the Mobile Life VinnExcellence Centre at Stockholm University and Interactive Institute. 'This book represents a pioneering and key research work that examines the future of transportation being merged with communication and interactive media. It also provides a glimpse of the future potential of mixed reality entertainment for children and family on the move. It is essential for scientists, designers, and engineers working on mobile social media, as well as for business people looking for new potential urban transport media services.' Professor Adrian D. Cheok, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University.

People Of The Black Mountains Vol I

Author by : Raymond Williams
Language : en
Publisher by : Random House
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Description : This proud and haunting novel is the last great work of Raymond Harris, his final testament. Here, in one vast, breathtaking sweep is his story of the land where he was born, the land he loved and left, but could never forget - the story of the people of Wales and the borders, not over one or two generations but many thousands, from the very beginning of recorded time. People of the Black Mountain is a chronicle with a difference, alive with feeling, set within a night-long quest of a young man of today, searching for his grandfather lost on the high ridges. On the moonlit heights Glyn hears voices calling within him, voices which pull us back, over the rim of the years to the days of Marod and his family, sheltering in their caves and hunting horses in a misty Arctic summer. As Glyn follows the tracks the stories form a linking chain across the ages, from before the last Ice-Age to the fierce, defiant struggle against the invading Romans. Lost lives, forgotten memories, like like the arrowheads beneath close-cropped turf. Myth and magic, plague and invasion, the warmth and sadness of daily life - slowly the waves of history ebb and flow, like the oceans which long ago formed the sandstone layers at the heart of the mountains themselves. Rooted in the past yet written for the present, People of the Black Mountains is a novel unlike any other, written by one of the great men of our time: a journey in search of a buried history, following the tracks on a map that all of us can read - and walk along - today.

On The Road North Of Boston

Author by : Donna-Belle Garvin
Language : en
Publisher by : UPNE
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Description : First published in 1988 by the New Hampshire Historical Society, and long since sought after, On the Road North of Boston is back in print. This richly illustrated, entertaining book is an invaluable resource for New Hampshire residents and students of the state's history alike. Nine extensively researched and meticulously prepared chapters depict historic taverns and tavern society of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century New England. Donna-Belle and James Garvin vividly reconstruct the physical landscape: the taverns themselves, the network of roads, travel conditions, traffic and commerce. They immerse the reader in the contemporary tavern atmosphere: encounters with fellow travelers, food, drink, entertainment, and hospitality in its earliest incarnations "on the road north of Boston." On the Road North of Boston contains rare and wonderful black-and-white illustrations of authentic tavern signs and furnishings, broadsides advertising tavern entertainments, early photographs and drawings of tavern buildings, road signs, vehicles, and bridges, portraits of tavern keepers, stage drivers, and itinerant performers. This book offers modern New England residents and travelers rich chronicles and visions of an age long past.