Coastal Fishes Of Oman

Author by : John E. Randall
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Publisher by : University of Hawaii Press
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Description : The Sultanate of Oman, at the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, borders on three different bodies of Ocean: the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf. This beautifully illustrated book is the first to bring the diverse inshore fish fauna of Oman under one cover. Recent fieldwork by the author and colleagues has increased the number of known shore fishes (defined as those occurring in less than 200 metres) to 930, all of which are treated in this volume. A surprising 52 new species of inshore fishes of Oman (four of which required new generic names) were collected during the recent fieldwork; these had to be described in scientific papers to make the names available for this book. All of the species are illustrated, mostly in colour. The family and species accounts are written to be understood by the layman (a glossary and diagrams are provided to explain scientific terms), but with enough detail and references to serve the needs of professional biologists. Coastal Fishes of Oman will promote appreciation of the unique fish fauna of Oman, provide a much-needed inventory of this invaluable resource, and form the basis for future fisheries management.

Oman And The World

Author by : Joseph A. Kechichian
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Publisher by : Rand Corporation
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Description : In July 1970, amid vast turmoil throughout the Persian Gulf region, Qaboos bin Sa'id led a successful coup against his father and proclaimed himself the new Head of State. Sultan Qaboos promised to institute a modern, efficient, and just government and to establish friendly relations with neighboring countries. Facing significant internal challenges to his authority, Qaboos restored internal order through effective military and economic measures. Simultaneously, he adopted long-term principles that facilitated the introduction of capable foreign policy initiatives, based on nonintervention in the affairs of other countries, respect for international law, and nonalignment. Today, the Sultanate of Oman remains stable--its foreign policy flexible by nature, its regional preeminence assured. This report systematically analyzes the foreign policy of the Sultanate. It traces the origins of the Omani nation-state, identifies trends in Omani diplomacy, and examines the Sultanate's foreign policy in the modern era, focusing on relations with states on the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf region, with the West, and around the world.

The Origin And Early History Of Insurance

Author by : Charles Farley Trenerry
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Publisher by : The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
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Description : The Ancient and Medieval Roots of Insurance This richly detailed history examines the: "(i) origin and development of the contract of Bottomry and Respondentia down to the 11th century A.D. (ii) the traces of methods of insurance other than life known to the Ancients (iii) The Question whether life assurance was known and practised by the Romans or their predecessors (iv) The history of the development of mediaeval insurance in the Low Countries from the family group system and of modern insurance therefrom" (1)." Originally submitted as a thesis to the University of London by the late Dr. C.F. Trenerry, whose intention it was to recast it for publication. Edited by Ethel L. Gover and Agnes S. Paul. CONTENTS Introduction and Summary PART I Origin and Development of Contract of Bottomry and Respondentia Down to the 11th Century A.D. CH. I The Origin and Development of the Contract of Bottomry CH. II The Origin of the Contract of Bottomry, Prior to 250 B.C. CH. III The Contract as Known to the Hindus CH. IV The Contract as Known to the Greeks CH. V The Contract as Known to the Romans PART II Traces of Methods of Insurance Other than Life Known to the Ancients CH. VI Marine Insurance (Other than Bottomry) Practised by the Romans CH. VII Contracts of Indemnity Used by the Romans PART III Whether Life Assurance was Known to the Ancients CH. VIII Life Assurance as Known to the Romans CH. IX Probability that the Romans Had Some Means by which Loss Arising through Death Might be Reduced or Nullified CH. X Allusions to Longevity, Mortality, Etc., by Early Writers CH. XI Sufficiency of the Knowledge of Mathematics and of Finance Possessed by the Romans During the Early Empire for the Calculations Required CH. XII Tables of Annuity Values Which Were Sanctioned by the Roman Law for Purposes of the Lex Falcidia CH. XIII Actuarial Knowledge Not Essential for Transaction of Life Assurance Business CH. XIV Manner of Making Contracts of Non-mutual Life Assurance and of Transacting the Legal Part of the Business CH. XV Nature and Essential Parts of a Contract of Life Assurance CH. XVI Societies Among the Greeks and Romans Which Provided Funds at Death or Members for Burial or Other Purposes, With or Without Other Benefits CH. XVII The Roman Civilian (I.E. Non-Military) Societies CH. XVIII The Roman Veterans' Societies CH. XIX The Roman Military Societies CH. XX Non-Mutual Contracts for Payment on Death of a Person or Persons as Known to the Romans CH. XXI Examination of Other Extracts from Roman Law which Deal with Contracts of a Similar Nature PART IV Development of Modern Insurance from the Family Group System as Exemplified in Belgium CH. XXII Derivation of Modern Insurance CH. XXIII Development of Communal Insurance from Family Group System CH. XXIV Non-Mutual Insurance Between 1227 and 1310 CH. XXV Marine Insurance CH. XXVI Life Assurance CH. XXVII Marine and Other Insurance in Other Countries APPENDICES BIBLIOGRAPHY"

Security And Territoriality In The Persian Gulf

Author by : Dr Pirouz Mojtahed-Zadeh
Language : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : This study presents the story of successes and failures of the treatment of security matters pertaining to territorial and boundary affairs in the maritime areas of the Persian Gulf, and at the same time provides an example of the impact of territoriality on world-wide maritime security.


Author by : Marc Valeri
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Publisher by : Hurst Publishers
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Description : Based on years of first-hand research, this study treats the political career of Sultan Qaboos of Oman as a case study of the social and political mechanisms that perpetuate authoritarianism in post-colonial states. Valeri also evaluates the situations in Morocco, Jordan and the Persian Gulf.