Open Secrets

Author by : Maloy Krishna Dhar
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Description : Deterrence Is A Policy That Fashions A Situation Whereby War Can Be Limited If Not Averted. It Rests On The Capability Of A Nation To Deter The Enemy, Ensure That The Credibility Of The Threat Is Maintained, And Respected, And Use That Capability When Necessary. Nuclear Weapons Deter, But There Is The Pursuit For The Absolute Means To Seek Foolproof Deterrence. Herein Lies The Dilemma. The Stakes Involved In A Nuclear War And The Use Of These Weapons Stimulate Varied And Worried Debates.To Justify A War, Arguments Tend To Get Grounded On Just War The Doctrine Of Just War Is Concerned Not With What Men Did In War But What They Ought To Do Or Refrain From Doing; The Jus Ad Bellum Or Justification Of War And The Jus In Bello Or The Limitation Of War.