His on the Rebound
  • Release Date : 25 August 2019
  • Publisher : Unknown
  • Genre : Uncategorized
  • Pages : 176 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 1521563063
Ratings: 4
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Download or read book entitled His on the Rebound by author: Fiona Murphy which was release on 25 August 2019 and published by Unknown with total page 176 pages . This book available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle Format. Sarah Hell... I'm going to hell. I can hear the nuns now, condemning me, and I deserve it. How could I have let Maxwell Brandt kiss me? A man I found disgusting at the way he treated woman-as if they were disposable, to be used then thrown away. It didn't matter who he was, or how much money he had. He was a horrible person. Who the hell am I kidding? I'm just as bad because I let him kiss me. Then I did the unthinkable and kissed him back, with a hunger I've never felt before. All of this while my fianc� was in the same house. It was a horrible mistake, one that can never happen again. I love Kevin. I want to make a life with him, not be used by a man who won't remember my name a month from now. What Kevin and I have built is real and I'm not throwing it all away. It didn't matter if no other man, including Kevin, had made me feel the way Max did, it was wrong. Despite the fact Max keeps coming back to entice me, I stand firm. I won't cheat on Kevin. I won't become that person, no matter how badly my body wants him. I don't want to want him.Until the moment he drops a bomb that destroys everything. Kevin has been cheating. His words destroy the illusion I've been hiding behind, because I know he's telling the truth. Knew it in the way Kevin has gradually been pulling away... late nights out with the guys, his disinterest in me, and the way he's twice pushed back the date of the wedding. I hadn't wanted to believe, had been willfully blind to preserve the promise of a future with a man I believed I loved. All I want is to hide and lick my wounds, but Max won't let me. With Kevin gone, he demands I fulfill the promise of that kiss. I don't understand how a man like him wants a plus size woman like me, when my own fianc� refused to date me before I lost weight. Yet, he does, refuses to go away. In a rush of anger, pain, and hunger, I give in. The feeling of being wanted by a man like Max wiping away the humiliation of Kevin's betrayal. Maybe a fling, a rebound affair, is exactly what I need. No promises, no expectations, and no broken heart. At least, that's the way it started.MaxOut of curiosity, to get a look at the fianc�e who put up with a cheating weasel like Kevin Jarvis, I find myself looking into the bright green eyes of a woman who makes my body hard with longing. Then the weasel does the unimaginable and introduces green eyes as his fianc�e. Even though she looks at my hand like it's a grenade about to go off, she takes it and we both feel the attraction. We're both in deep shit now, because I know she feels what I feel and I'm about to go after her, fianc� or not.I don't care if she stays with Kevin. I just want her body. Besides, it won't last long, desire never does and I don't want her clinging after it's over. Only, the bitch keeps pushing me away, denying us both the satisfaction our bodies crave. Her sanctimonious refusal as she uses Kevin and her engagement ring as a shield pisses me off. I didn't want to drop a bomb, but if it gets me what I want, her in my bed, then I'm not going to flinch from it. I need her to satisfy this craving that's eating me from the inside out. I'll make her pay for making us both wait. I'm not her ex, and I'm sick of paying for his stupidity. Her body makes my body ache and I want her exactly as she is. Only, inch by inch I'm consumed by my need. I warn myself to pull away, sure this won't last, can't last. But letting go isn't an option, no matter how hard I try.