Hey Warrior

Author by : Karen Young
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The Great Warrior Genghis Khan 2011 Edition Pdf

Author by : Wang Chisheng
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Publisher by : Asiapac Books Pte Ltd
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Description : This comic version of Genghis Khan charts his rise from an angst-ridden youth trying to rebuild his clan to become a fearsome warrior fighting back to regain what he had lost and more. This is the tale of one man who laid claim on the whole of Mongolia and created a mammoth empire stretching across Asia and Europe; a man whose name invoked fear in rulers everywhere. Genghis Khan, through his great vision, courage and determination, overcame all odds to make history by almost conquering the whole world.

Seals The Warrior Breed Casualties Of War

Author by : H. Jay Riker
Language : en
Publisher by : Harper Collins
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Description : The Snake in the Desert The first generation of SEALs was forged in the steaming jungles of Vietnam, their deadly skills honed by combat. But jealousy brewing within the U.S. military bureaucracy threatened the future of the warrior elite, and shortsighted thinking forced them into pitched battles in Grenada and Panama that the SEALs shouldn't have fought and couldn't have won. Now the opportunity has finally come for redemption when the tanks of a ruthless Middle Eastern despot roll across the unprotected borders of a neighboring nation. Here, in a world of blood and oil, a new generation of SEALs is going in first to fight a new kind of war on its terms -- as Hunter–Killer teams of America's deadliest commandos plunge into a fast and murderous game of hide-seek-and-strike on Iraqi sands.

The Warrior Princess Submissive

Author by : Michael Makai
Language : en
Publisher by : CreateSpace
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Description : Ever get the feeling, when you read about all the "classic" categories of submissive, that there must be one missing? You know which one we're talking about. The missing submissive is the one that is the wicked-smart, strong-willed, uber-competent, ultra-competitive, synergistic, switchy, crusader. She's no one's doormat, never a victim. She is a kick-ass submissive for the 21st century. Think: Xena, the Warrior Princess, kneeling at the feet of Hercules. This definitely isn't a woman in a precarious predicament waiting helplessly for her White Knight to arrive and slay a dragon for her. This was a woman who, as she is kicking the dragon's ass, smiles at the White Knight standing on the sidelines and says, “Hey, buddy! Feel free to jump right in and lend your sword to this fight. Otherwise, stay the hell out of my way!” The Warrior Princess doesn't need or want a rescuer. The Warrior Princess needs an ally that she can rely upon in the chaos of battle. She seeks a warrior equal to the tasks that she has already chosen for herself, and is demonstrably capable of accomplishing with, or without, his help. She is willing and able to fight the good fight alone, but welcomes the notion of having a worthy partner, fighting by her side. And yet, when the day's fighting is done, she is perfectly at ease with considering herself entirely His - heart, might, mind, body, and soul. Why is she important? She is important because she just may be the hope and salvation of this lifestyle. There will come a day, in the not too distant future, when the Warrior Princess Submissive will be forced to become a combatant in a highly politicized war on the BDSM lifestyle. It will be a propaganda war that characterizes all Dominants as abusers and all submissives as victims of abusive and exploitative relationships. When she comes out of the shadows and chooses to fight for this lifestyle instead of against it - as many of her contemporaries will expect her to do - her strong moral compass will reassure those on the sidelines that she is doing what is right and just. Michael Makai is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook.


Author by : William Mellor
Language : en
Publisher by : Encounter Books
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Description : Bottlenecker (n): a person who advocates for the creation or perpetuation of government regulation, particularly an occupational license, to restrict entry into his or her occupation, thereby accruing an economic advantage without providing a benefit to consumers. The Left, Right, and Center all hate them: powerful special interests that use government power for their own private benefit. In an era when the Left hates “fat cats” and the Right despises “crony capitalists,” now there is an artful and memorable one-word pejorative they can both get behind: bottleneckers. A “bottlenecker” is anyone who uses government power to limit competition and thereby reap monopoly profits and other benefits. Bottleneckers work with politicians to constrict competition, entrepreneurial innovation, and opportunity. They thereby limit consumer choice; drive up consumer prices; and they support politicians who willingly overstep the constitutional limits of their powers to create, maintain, and expand these anticompetitive bottlenecks. The Institute for Justice’s new book Bottleneckers coins a new word in the American lexicon, and provides a rich history and well-researched examples of bottleneckers in one occupation after another—from alcohol distributors to taxicab cartels—pointing the way to positive reforms.

Honor In The Modern World

Author by : Laurie M. Johnson
Language : en
Publisher by : Rowman & Littlefield
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Description : This book brings together some of the foremost researchers of honor to debate honor’s meaning and its compatibility with liberalism, democracy, and modernity. Contributors examine honor past to present, from masculine and feminine perspectives, and in North American, European, and African contexts.

Gotham Writers Workshop Writing Fiction

Author by : Bloomsbury Publishing
Language : en
Publisher by : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
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Description : Gotham Writers' Workshop has mastered the art of teaching the craft of writing in a way that is practical, accessible, and entertaining. Now the techniques of this renowned school are available in this book. Here you'll find: - The fundamental elements of fiction craft-character, plot, point of view, etc.-explained clearly and completely - Key concepts illustrated with passages from great works of fiction - The complete text of "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver-a masterpiece of contemporary short fiction that is analyzed throughout the book - Exercises that let you immediately apply what you learn to your own writing Written by Gotham Writers' Workshop expert instructors and edited by Dean of Faculty Alexander Steele, Writing Fiction offers the same methods and exercises that have earned the school international acclaim. Once you've read-and written-your way through this book, you'll have a command of craft that will enable you to turn your ideas into effective short stories and novels. You will be a writer.

Man Of Supremacy

Author by : Ronald Guadamuz
Language : en
Publisher by : Author House
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Description : Aleus Stevenson fights daily to survive Folsom sState pPrison. For long months of suffering and brawling for a twenty five year sentence, he thought life was truly over. Until one day, a holy man arrives in solitary to visit him;, giving a special offer to accept and gain his freedom. Giving suspicion and doubt for the moment, Aleus accepts the offer, not knowing that his life would change forever, for he is now revealed to be the chosen deliverer of the kingdom of Hheaven, the Arbiter. A—a sole warrior that’s gifted with extraordinary abilities from seven powerful angels of Hheaven. Now the time of the prophecy has begun. Different world's will he discover, allies will he meet, dark enemies will he face, saving humanity from annihilation is his main priority. Yet, can he survive the gruesome challenges that await him.?

The Mighty Mustang

Author by : Ronit Ranjan
Language : en
Publisher by : Educreation Publishing
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Description : You remember how in school we had 'houses'- red, green, blue, yellow. Similarly, in the National Defence Academy (NDA) we have squadrons- Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and so on. Now, every squadron has a soul- Alpha-Apaches, Bravo-Braves, Charlie-Cheetah, Delta-Daggers and so on. I was in the Mike squadron of the 135th course. Our soul is a Mustang horse- one of the strongest, wildest breed of horses. We were called 'The Mighty Mustang'. But all of this didn't come so easy. Nor did it end well. My life is completely different today. This book is on the two biggest falls in my life and the entire journey of getting back on my feet... Well, I'm Ronit Ranjan. I'm an ex-NDA, presently pursuing my under-graduation at Christ University, Bangalore and here's my story...

I M Choosing Life

Author by : Ramya Ranganathan
Language : en
Publisher by : Notion Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : “Whispers of Joy and Windows of Healing” - Poetry that uplifts the spirit!. Each of the poems in this book has a life of it’s own. Most of them have been a vehicle of healing at some point for the author herself - times when she was stuck, sad, or needing additional clarity. Some of the poems are light and uplifting - like dewdrops infused with sunlight. Others are heavy and reflective, they might even draw your attention to your own problems and pain. However, even as these poems lead you to connect with your pain, they will crack open a tiny window - to let in just enough light and perspective for the healing to begin. These poems are easy to read and yet they are profound in the insights and clarity that they can gift to you. Each poem is a unique contribution by itself and the recommended way to read this book would be to read one poem in a day. You could even hold the book in your hands, close your eyes for a minute, and ask the universe to lead you to the page that will create the most magic for you on that day. Allow the words of the poem to simmer in you and let it bring up for you whatever is needed for your own journey.