Evolution of Dental Tissues and Paleobiology in Selachians
  • Release Date : 21 November 2017
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Genre : Science
  • Pages : 138 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9780081011409
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Download or read book entitled Evolution of Dental Tissues and Paleobiology in Selachians by author: Gilles Cuny which was release on 21 November 2017 and published by Elsevier with total page 138 pages . This book available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle Format. Chondrichthyans possess unique anatomical features compared to other vertebrates, in particular a fully cartilaginous skeleton and a permanently renewed dentition. These characteristics make the fossilization of whole bodies difficult and consequently their fossil record consists mainly of a large number of isolated teeth. The study of their dentition is therefore of primary interest for our understanding of the evolution of this group. Beyond the dental morphology, the structure of the tissues composing the dentition has proved an important source of information, sometimes difficult to interpret, on the eating habits and the paleobiology of these animals. This book makes a thorough review of the existing theories in this field of research as well as introducing new elements from more recent studies. Through close reference to the fossil record of ancient selachians it examines what the study of dental tissue in cartilaginous fish can tell us about the evolution and the past biology of these animals, as well as what we can learn about the evolution of teeth themselves. Focuses on the evolution of the teeth microstructure of the cartilaginous fishes Offers a complete overview of the terminology used to describe fish tooth microstructures Offers an overview of convergent enameloid microstructures between actinopterygians (ray-finned fishes) and chondrichthyans to enable better understanding of the evolution of this kind of tissue Highlights the importance of isolated fossil teeth to understand the evolution of whole clades Discusses the use of isolated fossil teeth to understand the evolution of whole clades

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