Do Angels Smooch
  • Release Date : 01 June 2021
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Genre : Philosophy
  • Pages : 168 pages
  • ISBN 13 : 9781665525954
Ratings: 4
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Download or read book entitled Do Angels Smooch by author: Professor Edward Kapambwe which was release on 01 June 2021 and published by AuthorHouse with total page 168 pages . This book available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle Format. Do Angels Smooch? Do angels smooch? If not, why so much obsession in lyrics, movies and books about angels and kissing? Are there any more surprises that Edward Kapambwe unveils in his book? Well, there is more. For example, Kapambwe takes us into an in-depth angelic journey in order to understand the extent of angelic involvement in human affairs than ever before. He brings out novel elements that have never been unveiled previously. For example, he recounts how angels visit our stores. They buy the stuff they need before meeting people. Haven’t you noticed that no angel has ever appeared nude or with wings in real life. They come already dressed just like us; and that is why we have been unable to identify them. We are surrounded by angels both good and evil. Evil angels no longer transform themselves into humans. Only good angels still do. Since there are no shops in heaven, where do they get the stuff they wear? Besides that, what happens to these apparels after being used? The author asserts that angels donate them to Thrift Stores such as, Goodwill, the Salvation Army and others. Donating to Thrift Stores is an ingenious way to make them accessible to both the rich and the poor. Have you wondered why they do that? It is a deliberate move they take so that ordinary people could buy things worn by angels. That begs another question, why do they do that? The answer is amazing. They do that on purpose because they know that to wear stuff worn by holy angels comes with tremendous blessings. This book explains that point persuasively. In addition, the author contends that these angels are highly disciplined entities such that they never steal anything from banks, stores or homes of rich people even though they able to do so without being seen. Angels are invisible (spirits) entities. However, they have the ability to transform themselves into regular human beings. The author throws in another insight. He argues and states that helping strangers gives a person the best chance to be visited by an angel. The author then explains to us the probabilities of being smooched by an angel. Do angels smooch? That question points us in the direction of social theology than philosophy. It is not a new question but the framing might be. Many theologians have debated extensively the narrative found in Genesis 6 where angels came on earth and married daughters of men. With his masterful insight and knowledge of theology and philosophy, the author gives a different angle of the workings of angels among us. It’s not a book to miss. If there is one book you need to read in your lifetime, Do Angels Smooch should be on top of your list.