Deforestation By Region

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Description : Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 34. Chapters: Deforestation in Brazil, Deforestation in Ethiopia, Deforestation during the Roman period, Deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, Deforestation in Sri Lanka, Deforestation in Costa Rica, Deforestation in Borneo, Deforestation in Indonesia, Deforestation in Nigeria, Deforestation in Colombia, Deforestation in Central America, Deforestation in New Zealand, Deforestation in the United States, Deforestation in Malaysia, Deforestation in Thailand, Deforestation in Haiti, Deforestation in Cambodia, Deforestation in Vietnam. Excerpt: Brazil once had the highest deforestation rate in the world and as of 2005 still has the largest area of forest removed annually. Since 1970, over 600,000 square kilometers (232,000 square miles) of Amazon rainforest have been destroyed. In 2001, the Amazon was approximately 5.4 million square kilometers, which is only 87% of the Amazon's original state. Rainforests have decreased in size primarily due to deforestation. Despite reductions in the rate of deforestation in the last ten years, the Amazon Rainforest will be reduced by 40% by 2030 at the current rate. Between May 2000 and August 2006, Brazil lost nearly 150,000 square kilometers of forest, an area larger than that of Greece. According to the Living Planet Report 2010, deforestation is continuing at an alarming rate, but at the CBD 9th Conference 67 ministers signed up to help achieve zero net deforestation by 2020. In the 1940s Brazil began a program of national development for the Amazon Basin. President Get lio Vargas declared emphatically that: Vargas established many government programs to begin developing his vision, including the Superintendency for the Economic Valorization of Amazonia (SPVEA) in 1953, the Superintendency for the Development of Amazonia (SUDAM) in 1966, and the National Institute for Colonization and Agraria...

Deforestation In Ghana

Author by : Michael S. Asante
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Description : Deforestation in Ghana is a research-based analytical study that explains the disconnect between the declared deforestation policy intentions and their outcomes in Ghana. Intended as a case study of the renewable resources policy process in developing economies, this book provides complete information and clarification about the phenomenon of continued deforestation in Ghana in spite of the long history of policies and actions to control it. Author Michael Asante's detailed in-depth analysis of historical, political, economic, and cultural factors and events fully explain the unending destruction of the forests in Ghana. He provides experts, students, and all others with rational, practical answers and recommendations for this lingering problem.

Deforestation And Socio Economic Environment

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Description : Study conducted in Gurdāspur District of Kandi area, Punjab, India.

Causes Of Deforestation Of The Brazilian Amazon

Author by : Sérgio Margulis
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Description : Annotation This title studies the role of cattle ranching its dynamic and profitability in the expansion of deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia. It provides a social evaluation of deforestation in this region and presents and compares a number of different scenarios and proposed recommendations.

Beyond Tropical Deforestation

Author by : Didier Babin
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Description : Does the diagnosis of irreversible destruction of both forests and their biodiversity actually mask a wide range of patterns? Based on the results of natural and social scientists, this book attempts to answer fundamental questions such as: what is deforestation and how do we mesure it? What changes result from deforestation and how do human societies manage these changes? It explores the many and varied aspects of deforestation, a process whose effects are not always as negative as perceived.

Balancing Agricultural Development And Deforestation In The Brazilian Amazon

Author by : Andrea Cattaneo
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Description : Since the 1970s, federal policies promoting migration and encouraging agricultural development of large farms, logging, and ranching have led to the deforestation of vast areas of the Amazon rainforest.Though these policies have largely been replaced, deforestation continues. What effects do current macroeconomic and regional policies and events have on deforestation and on the well-being of settlers on the agricultural frontier? This report identifies the links between the agriculture and logging sectors in the Amazon, economic growth, poverty alleviation, and natural resource degradation in the region and in Brazil as a whole.It considers the effects of currency devaluation, building roads and other infrastructure in the Amazon, property rights, adoption of technological change, and fiscal incentives and disincentives to deforest.The results are sometimes counterintuitive, but shed new light on why slowing deforestation is so difficult and on the trade-offs between environmental and economic goals.

Energy The Environment And The Oil Market

Author by : Shankar Sharma
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Description : The contributors to this book review the environmental problems created by rising energy demand, and examine their impact on the oil industry especially in the Asia-Pacific region where future demand for oil is projected to increase the most. Policy options to minimize energy-related environmental problems are discussed. The contributors also address these questions: • What are the economic implications of emission control to developing countries, and the process, mechanism and constraints for multilateral agreement on the reduction of pollutants, particularly greenhouse gases • Within the broader context of oil price volatility, why has environmental concern created a need for dialogue between oil producers and consumers?

Agricultural Expansion And Tropical Deforestation

Author by : Solon L. Barraclough
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Description : There is no clear-cut causal relationship between international trade, agricultural expansion and tropical deforestation. Academics, policy-makers and the public are all tempted by simplistic solutions to complex problems. In order to establish the true causal factors involved in this critical area of environmental decline, the authors of this study present case studies ranging over three continents. Utilizing statistics, it is shown that the focus of analysis of deforestation must be applied as much to the misguided policies of national and regional authorities as to the forces of trade and globalization. Further, it demonstrates that we must adopt a critical perspective on the historical context of human use of forest areas, looking at issues such as systems of land tenure. The primary aim of the book is to highlight the need to seek solutions in far-reaching institutional and policy reforms adapted to specific socio-economic and ecological contexts, if the problem of tropical deforestation is to be tackled effectively.

Deforestation In The Postwar Philippines

Author by : David M. Kummer
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Description : The only quantitative deforestation study to focus on one country, this case analysis of the Philippines since 1946 yields more concrete data than previous cross-national studies. David Kummer's close examination of the interactions among political, economic, and cultural factors and their environmental consequences sheds light on similar situations in other countries.