Case Based Learning For Group Intervention In Social Work

Author by : Jacqueline Corcoran
Language : en
Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA
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Description : "Group work involves interventions directed at a collective of individuals to achieve a common goal, with the group being the agent of change. Groups offer a number of advantages and include their potential cost-effectiveness. However, strong facilitation skills are necessary so that groups can fulfill their purpose and meet the goals of its members. Social workers are often in settings where people are mandated into groups by the court system, and this casebook addresses the challenge, in a way that is respectful and collaborative, of working with this population. The main purpose of this casebook is to develop social work group skills with students and beginning professionals. In order to develop student competency in planning and facilitating groups, Case Based Learning for Group Intervention in Social Work uses a contemporary pedagogy, case-based learning, as a teaching tool for analysis, application, and decision-making. In case-based learning, students are given real-life vignettes and are asked to analyze them to answer questions and make decisions about how they would intervene. Using cases involves both deductive (top down) and inductive (bottom up) methods (practice wisdom). By working through cases, students will gain exposure to the considerable range of group populations and problems that can be served by social work group intervention"--

The Oxford Handbook Of School Psychology

Author by : Melissa A. Bray
Language : en
Publisher by : OUP USA
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Description : The Oxford Handbook of School Psychology focuses on significant issues, new developments, and scientific findings that influence current research and practice in the ever-growing field of school psychology. Additional sections discuss building a cumulative knowledge base to better facilitate students' academic, social, and personal competencies, including the promotion of positive mental health and subjective well-being.

The System Of Care Handbook

Author by : Beth A. Stroul
Language : en
Publisher by : Brookes Pub
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Description : Address the urgent need for individualized, coordinated mental health care with this book--the only one-stop reference for establishing, evaluating, and improving services and systems of care for children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families. The new cornerstone of the highly respected Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health series, this comprehensive volume helps administrators, program developers, and clinicians from mental health and partner child-serving systems skillfully navigate every key issue they may encounter on the road to effective service delivery. Weaving all the latest research and best practices into a single accessible handbook, more than 60 expert contributors give readers the in-depth, practical knowledge they need to develop comprehensive, community-based, coordinated systems of care for youth with mental health challenges and their families avoid duplication and fragmentation of services across mental health and other child-serving systems develop individualized care plans for children with complex needs and implement the "wraparound" approach to service delivery incorporate evidence-based practices into systems of care use smart financing strategies that make the most of multiple funding streams ensure the full participation of families and youth in service planning and delivery improve services and care coordination across a variety of systems--schools, child welfare, juvenile justice work effectively with youth and families from diverse backgrounds and communities conduct accurate program evaluation and continuous quality improvement use the best professional development strategies to ensure a skilled and dedicated workforce Throughout the book, extended case studies of children, youth, families, and successful programs take readers beyond the abstract and reveal in vivid detail how high-quality services can transform the lives of children and youth--from early childhood to their transition to adulthood--as well as their families and caregivers. A must-own compendium of knowledge for anyone involved in shaping the future of mental health services, this book is the new blueprint for systems of care that truly respond to the needs of children, youth and families. Learn more about the Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health series.

Couples Coping With Stress

Author by : Mariana K. Falconier
Language : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : This is the first book that reviews both empirical and clinical applications of how couples jointly cope with stress - dyadic coping - around the globe. The Systemic-Transactional Stress Model (STM), developed by co-editor Guy Bodenmann, is used as a consistent framework so readers can better appreciate the contrasts and similarities across the fourteen cultures represented in the book. Written by scholars from the particular culture, each chapter provides a conceptual review of the dyadic coping research conducted in their specific cultures, and also provides empirical and clinical recommendations. Additional contributions include how to measure dyadic coping, so others can apply the STM model in other contexts. The latest treatment approaches for therapy and prevention are also highlighted, making this book ideal for professionals interested in expanding their cultural competence when working with couples from various backgrounds. Highlights include: -How couples in different cultures deal with stress and how values and traditions affect dyadic stress and coping. -Global applications, especially to couples in the regions highlighted in the book -- the U.S (including one chapter on Latino couples in the U.S.)., Australia, China, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland. -Factors encountered in examining dyadic coping using the STM Model including measurement and assessment issues. -Suggestions for making treatment, prevention, and intervention programs for couples more effective. Ideal for relationship researchers, psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, and advanced students who work with couples dealing with stress. This book is also appropriate for advanced courses on interpersonal processes, close relationships, stress and coping, multicultural issues in marriage and family therapy or counseling, or family systems, taught in a variety of social science disciplines.

Climate Change Handbook For Regional Water Planning

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Description : "This handbook considers both climate change adaptation (reduction of impacts) and mitigation [greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction]. Quantitative tools and techniques for addressing both are introduced and discussed in order to prepare comprehensive IRWMPs [integrated regional water management plans]. A guide to assess the vulnerability of a watershed or region to climate change impacts is presented in this handbook, and guidelines to prioritize vulnerabilities are introduced. This handbook relies on approaches that have been developed and applied to regional watershed planning processes. This handbook also presents case studies that provide illustrative examples in which the latest science and methods on climate change, including uncertainty and adaptive management approaches, have been applied outside academia. While the available suite of climate change tools and analytical techniques for incorporating climate change is continually advancing and improving, the underlying planning processes outlined in this handbook should continue to provide a solid basis for comprehensive watershed planning. Improved decisions about water resources management systems, whether adapting them to future climate change or mitigating climate change through reductions in GHG emissions, should result from application of the framework in this handbook. This handbook presents the range of decisions that need to be made and the factors that go into making those decisions at a local or regional level."--Foreword.

Coping With Climate Change

Author by : Rosina M. Bierbaum
Language : en
Publisher by : Island Press
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : Coping with Climate Change: National Summit Proceedings is a remarkable book for a remarkable time. Its 256 pages capture great thinking and ideas from environmental leaders regarding national adaptation strategies to climate change. The book presents the discussions, papers and presentations from the historic 2007 National Summit on Coping with Climate Change, hosted by the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE). The book contains keynote speeches, transcripts of breakout sessions and panel discussions, and the candid and valuable insights from sector syntheses and scenario summaries. The companion CD has many of the key PowerPoint presentations as well as photos from the Summit. SNRE organized the May 8-10 event as the University's commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, a non-partisan effort to devise and implement solutions to world challenges. External Summit sponsorship came from Google Inc., the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Frey Foundation, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "The nation has lost a decade in thinking seriously about coping with climate change. This Summit was an effort to jump-start that conversation with science and policy leaders and put SNRE in the forefront of innovative thinking to confront climate change," said SNRE Dean Rosina M. Bierbaum.


Author by : Tim Flach
Language : en
Publisher by : Abrams
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Description : In Endangered, the result of an extraordinary multiyear project to document the lives of threatened species, acclaimed photographer Tim Flach explores one of the most pressing issues of our time. Traveling around the world—to settings ranging from forest to savannah to the polar seas to the great coral reefs—Flach has constructed a powerful visual record of remarkable animals and ecosystems facing harsh challenges. Among them are primates coping with habitat loss, big cats in a losing battle with human settlements, elephants hunted for their ivory, and numer­ous bird species taken as pets. With eminent zoologist Jonathan Baillie providing insightful commentary on this ambitious project, Endangered unfolds as a series of vivid, interconnected stories that pose gripping moral dilemmas, unforgettably expressed by more than 180 of Flach’s incred­ible images.

Coping With The Global Financial Crisis

Author by : Stefania Fabrizio
Language : en
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Description : This publication provides an assessment of the implications of the financial crisis for low-income countries, evaluates the short-term macroeconomic outlook for these countries, and discusses the policy challenges they face. Chapters cover the outlook for global economic growth and commodity prices, an overview of how low-income countries have been affected, fiscal policy, monetary and exchange rate policy responses, potential external financing needs and how the international community, including the IMF, can help countries meet them. The challenges ahead for low-income countries are delineated, including debt vulnerabilities and the need for countries to develop well-regulated local capital markets and banking systems, as well as enhanced public sectorefficiency.--Publisher's description.

Economic And Social Survey Of Asia And The Pacific 2010

Author by : United Nations
Language : en
Publisher by : United Nations Publications
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Description : The Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2009 analyzes how three global crises of 2008 Great Recession in developed countries, food and fuel price volatility and climate change - threaten the development in the Asia-Pacific region. The publication also talks about subregional variations in performance and policy responses. It concludes with converging crises and redirecting policies to achieve inclusive and sustainable development, and summarizes the ways to move forward from crisis resilience to crisis resistance.

The Nature Of Animal Healing

Author by : Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.
Language : en
Publisher by : Ballantine Books
Format Available : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Description : The Nature of Animal Healing is a groundbreaking, inspirational contribution to animal care. Dr. Martin Goldstein, one of the most successful and best-known holistic veterinarians in the country, offers here, for the first time, invaluable insights into how to give our pets a healthy, happy, and long life. Dr. Goldstein--a graduate of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine who runs a renowned clinic in South Salem, New York--begins by explaining his approach to alternative treatment: what it is, how it works, and why it's especially important that animals be treated holistically. Holistic pet care essentially revolves around the notion that the best way to cure an animal who is ill is to help the animal cure itself. We are not the true healers of our pets--they are. By treating the root of the problem instead of its symptoms, holistic medicine enables our pets to regain and maintain their own health. In this comprehensive and accessible book, Dr. Goldstein not only shares his philosophy of how animals should--must--be treated, but also shows us exactly what to do. With moving and often entertaining examples from his years of practice, he offers prescriptive advice for the pet lover of every stripe: why we shouldn't feed our animals commercial pet food; why vaccines can actually do more harm than good; how acupuncture and homeopathic medicine can be used to help our pets; why pets need to experience a "healing crisis" in order to get well; and much, much more. In his practice, Dr. Goldstein has had extraordinary success treating cancer and leukemia. Here, he begins to decipher the riddle of those killer diseases and shows us how best to treat them, as well as how to prevent them from occurring. Included is the exhaustive "Alphabet of Ailments," a list that tackles common afflictions one by one--the most useful guide ever published in a book on animal care. Dr. Goldstein also turns to the spiritual realm, addressing how the emotional bonds we form with our animals have the power to provoke and cure disease. In his smart, helpful, and comforting style, he tells us how to deal with the inevitable death of a pet--both physically and psychologically. Finally, there is an indispensable source guide: a complete listing of pet health-care centers, doctors, and products. So wherever you live, you will be able to act on the advice and recommendations you are sure to take to heart. The Nature of Animal Healing is a revolutionary guide that no pet owner should be without. From the Hardcover edition.