Changes In The Land

Author by : William Cronon
Language : en
Publisher by : Hill and Wang
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Description : Winner of the Francis Parkman Prize Changes in the Land offers an original and persuasive interpretation of the changing circumstances in New England's plant and animal communities that occurred with the shift from Indian to European dominance. With the tools of both historian and ecologist, Cronon constructs an interdisciplinary analysis of how the land and the people influenced one another, and how that complex web of relationships shaped New England's communities.

The Changing Land

Author by : Benjamin Z. Kedar
Language : en
Publisher by : Wayne State University Press
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Description : Originally published in Hebrew in 1991, The Changing Land presents a unique aerial view of the changes in Israel's topography from the second decade of the twentieth century to the present. Aerial photographs taken during World War I of Israel by German, British, and Australian aviators, showed the topography of a land fought over for many centuries. Having examined and identified the WWI photographs preserved in German, Australian, Israeli, and British public archives and German private collections, Benjamin Z. Kedar gathered 70 of the photographs to form the book's core. Kedar then collected color aerial photos taken between 1930 and 1990 of the same 70 sites. The result is an unusual and fascinating record of the physical changes in the region during this period of modernization and urban expansion. Changing the Land is more than a topographical view of Israel. Glimpses of the hills, valleys, towns, and villages of Israel provide the reader with a compelling history that words alone cannot describe. This book offers a complete portrait of Israel for anyone who has traveled to the Holy Land or has studied any of its inhabitants.

Accounting Information For Business Decisions Pdf

Author by : Billie Cunningham
Language : en
Publisher by : Cengage Learning Australia
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Description : A business focused introduction to Accounting for all students - not just those intending to be Accounting majors. Lead students through the real-world business cycle and how accounting information informs decision-making. Students learn how to base decisions on two kinds of accounting information  managerial and financial. Departing from the traditional approach taken by other introductory accounting textbooks, students apply both managerial and financial approaches within the topics examined in each chapter. The conversational writing engages students in the theoretical content and how it applies to contemporary real-world scenarios. The new edition again includes the popular Sweet Temptations case study. Students follow the retail chocolate business through the book to learn about applying accounting issues in the real world.

Climate Change And Agriculture In The Sudan Impact Pathways Beyond Changes In Mean Rainfall And Temperature

Author by : Siddig, Khalid
Language : en
Publisher by : Intl Food Policy Res Inst
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Description : Several environmental changes have occurred in the Sudan in the past; several are ongoing; and others are projected to happen in the future. The Sudan has witnessed increases in temperature, floods, rainfall variability, and concurrent droughts. In a country where agriculture, which is mainly rainfed, is a major contributor to gross domestic product, foreign exchange earnings, and livelihoods, these changes are especially important, requiring measurement and analysis of their impact. This study not only analyzes the economy-wide impacts of climate change, but also consults national policy plans, strategies, and environmental assessments to identify interventions which may mitigate the effects. We feed climate forcing, water demand, and macro-socioeconomic trends into a modelling suite that includes models for global hydrology, river basin management, water stress, and crop growth, all connected to the International Model for Policy Analysis of Agricultural Commodities and Trade (IMPACT). The outcomes of this part of the modeling suite are annual crop yields and global food prices under various climate change scenarios until 2050. The effects of such changes on production, consumption, macroeconomic indicators, and income distribution are assessed using a single country dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model for the Sudan. Additionally, we introduce yield variability into the CGE model based on stochastic projections of crop yields until 2050. The results of the model simulations reveal that, while the projected mean climate changes bring some good news for the Sudan, extreme negative variability costs the Sudan cumulatively between 2018 and 2050 US$ 109.5 billion in total absorption and US$ 105.5 billion in GDP relative to a historical mean climate scenario without climate change.

Livelihood And Landscape Change In Africa Future Trajectories For Improved Well Being Under A Changing Climate

Author by : Sheona Shackleton
Language : en
Publisher by : MDPI
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Description : This book is based on a Special Issue of the journal LAND that draws together a collection of 11 diverse articles at the nexus of climate change, landscapes, and livelihoods in rural Africa; all explore the links between livelihood and landscape change, including shifts in farming practices and natural resource use and management. The articles, which are all place-based case studies across nine African countries, cover three not necessarily mutually exclusive thematic areas, namely: smallholder farming livelihoods under new climate risk (five articles); long-term dynamics of livelihoods and landscape change and future trajectories (two articles); and natural resource management and governance under a changing climate, spanning forests, woodlands, and rangelands (four articles). The commonalities, key messages, and research gaps across the 11 articles are presented in a synthesis article. All the case studies pointed to the need for an integrated and in-depth understanding of the multiple drivers of landscape and livelihood change and how these interact with local histories, knowledge systems, cultures, complexities, and lived realities. Moreover, where there are interventions (such as new governance systems, REDD+ or climate smart agriculture), it is critical to interrogate what is required to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of emerging benefits.

Sustainability Matters

Author by : Lin-Heng Lye
Language : en
Publisher by : World Scientific
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Description : Sustainability Matters is a compilation of some of the best research papers by students from the National University of Singapore's multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary graduate programme in environmental studies, the M.Sc. in Environmental Management [MEM]. This collection is for the period 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. Entitled Sustainability Matters: Environmental and Climate Changes in the Asia-Pacific, this is the fifth compilation by the programme, and comprises 18 of the best research papers completed during this period. The papers have been edited for brevity. They analyse the many challenges to effective environmental management covering countries including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the US. Issues examined include biodiversity conservation, environmental impact assessments, energy, food security, sustainable business practices, public housing, environmental education, and climate change. The first compilation, Sustainability Matters: Environmental Management in Asia was published in 2010 (World Scientific) and comprised the best papers from 2001/2002 to 2006/2007. The second, Sustainability Matters: Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in Asia was published in 2011 (Pearson), and comprised the best papers from 2007/2008 and 2008/2009. The third and fourth compilations (World Scientific) comprised the best papers from the period 2009/2010 to 2011/2012. The papers are edited by five staff members from different disciplines in the MEM programme: Lye Lin-Heng, Victor R Savage, Kua Harn-Wei, Chou Loke-Ming and Tan Puay-Yok. Contents:Preface and Acknowledgements, Lye Lin-Heng, Chair, MEMMessage from Goh Swee-Chen, Chairperson, Shell Companies in SingaporeMessage from Tommy Koh, Chairman, MEM Advisory Committee, NUSMessage from Heng Chye-Kiang, Dean, School of Design and Environment, NUSAbout the AuthorsAbout the Supervisors and EditorsIntroduction: Environmental and Climate Changes in Asia: Lessons in history and game changers in economics, politics and scientific research (Victor R Savage, Lye Lin-Heng, Kua Harn-Wei, Chou Loke-Ming & Tan Puay-Yok)Biodiversity:Understanding Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Occurrences in Manila Bay, Philippines (Rosa Celia Poquita-Du & Peter Alan Todd)CITES Legislative Implementation: Lessons from and for ASEAN Member States (Denise Cheong & Lye Lin-Heng)Environmental Management:Assessment of Protection against Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of a Coastal Area in Singapore (Efstathios Giannoustas and Jesuthason Thampapillai)Water Scarcity to Water Security: How Can Asian Cities Achieve a Sustainable Transition? (Maitreyee Mukherjee, Dennis Wichelns & Namrata Ravindra Chindarkar)Plastic Bags in Singapore: A Critical Examination of Issues in Sustainability (Marra Lin Teasdale-Hensby & Lye Lin-Heng)Environmental Impact Assessment Laws of Malaysia and Hong Kong: Lessons for Singapore (Nidhi Mehra & Lye Lin-Heng)Singapore's Fresh Pork Supply: Food Security and Environmental Impacts (Lim Chien-Fang & Victor R Savage)Green Business:Sustainable & Responsible: The New Face of Indian Businesses (Himadri Mahajan & Audrey Chia)Effectiveness of Sustainable Business Practices: Case Studies of Ready-Made Garment Companies of Bangladesh (Tayef Quader & Audrey Chia)Integrated Policy Design Through Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Case Study of Cotton Garments (LCSA Of Cotton T-Shirt) (Thida Tun & Kua Harn-Wei)Sustainability Issues and Strategies of Biofuel Development in Southeast Asia (Mallika d/o Naguran)Urban Studies:Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing: Can It Work for Independent Rental Owners (Julia Emerson & George Ofori)The Potential and Benefits of an Incentive System to Promote Environmentally Friendly Behaviour in Residents of HDB Flats (Koh Kai-Jie & Grace K M Wong)A Review of Environmental Education in Singapore — Towards a Change in Approach (Ang Guorong Albert & Audrey Chia)Environmental Literacy among Secondary Three Students in a Singapore Secondary School (Loo Hui-Min & Harvey Neo)Climate Change:Possible Market Mechanisms for the Post-Kyoto Regime (Ellen May Zanoria Reynes)Past and Contemporary Proposals on Differentiation and Equity: Shaping the 2015 Climate Agreement (Melissa Low & Lim Lei-Theng)Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Aircraft Emissions through an Economic Theory — The Endowment Effect (Zhang Qiang) Readership: Graduate students, academics and researchers in environmental management/science. Keywords:Environment;Management;Sustainability;Asia;Corporate Environmental Management;Biodiversity and Planning;Marine Environment;Environment and Economic Development;Energy Sustainability;Renewable Energy;Urban Pollution and Waste Management;Sustainable Infrastructure;Transportation;Recycling;Urban Studies;Green Business

Social Change In Modern India

Author by : Mysore Narasimhachar Srinivas
Language : en
Publisher by : Orient Blackswan
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Description : This Volume Is A Compilation Of A Series Of Lectures Delivered By The Eminent Social Anthropologist M. N. Srinivas. These Lectures Have Been Widely Acclaimed And Have Since Been Recommended Or Prescribed As A Text For Students Of Sociology, Anthropology And Indian Studies. The Book Remains The Classic Of Social Anthropology As It Was Hailed, When First Published.

A Changeless Land

Author by : David G. Timberman
Language : en
Publisher by : Institute of Southeast Asian
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Description :

Using Biofuel Tax Credits To Achieve Energy And Environmental Policy Goals

Author by : Ron Gecan
Language : en
Publisher by : DIANE Publishing
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Description : The fed. gov¿t. supports the use of biofuels -- transportation fuels produced from renewable plant matter, such as corn -- in the pursuit of energy, environ., and agr. policy goals. Tax credits (TC) encourage the prod¿n. and sale of biofuels in the U.S., lowering the costs of producing biofuels, such as ethanol or biodiesel, relative to the costs of producing their substitutes -- gasoline and diesel fuel. Fed. mandates require the use of specified minimum amounts and types of biofuel. This study assesses the incentives provided by the TC for producing different types of biofuels and analyzes whether they favor one type of biofuel over others. Estimates the cost to consumers of reducing the use of petroleum fuels and emissions of greenhouse gases through those TC. Illus.