My Revision Notes Edexcel A2 Political Ideologies Epub

Author by : Moyra Grant
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Publisher by : Hachette UK
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Description : Unlock your full potential with these revision guides which focus on the key content and skills you need to know. With My Revision Notes for Edexcel A2 Political Ideologies you can: Take control of your revision: plan and focus on the areas you need to revise, with content summaries and commentary from author Moyra Grant Improve your your ability to argue, explain and make important connections, which is essential for the synoptc questions Apply political terms accurately with the help of definitions and key words on all topics Perfect your essay-writing techniques to use logical argument backed up by relevant, up-to-date examples Get exam-ready with last-minute quick quizzes at

Philosophical Anarchism And Political Obligation

Author by : Magda Egoumenides
Language : en
Publisher by : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
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Description : Political obligation refers to the moral obligation of citizens to obey the law of their state and to the existence, nature, and justification of a special relationship between a government and its constituents. This volume in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series challenges this relationship, seeking to define and defend the position of critical philosophical anarchism against alternative approaches to the issue of justification of political institutions. The book sets out to demonstrate the value of taking an anarchist approach to the problem of political authority, looking at theories of natural duty, state justification, natural duty of justice, fairness, political institutions, and more. It argues that the anarchist perspective is in fact indispensable to theorists of political obligation and can improve our views of political authority and social relations. This accessible book builds on the works of philosophical anarchists such as John Simmons and Leslie Green, and discusses key theorists, including Rousseau, Rawls, and Horton. This key resource will make an important contribution to anarchist political theory and to anarchist studies more generally.

Anarchism And Authority

Author by : Paul McLaughlin
Language : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : Examining the political theory of anarchism from a philosophical and historical perspective, Paul McLaughlin relates anarchism to the fundamental ethical and political problem of authority. The book pays particular attention to the authority of the state and the anarchist rejection of all traditional claims made for the legitimacy of state authority, the author both explaining and defending the central tenets of the anarchist critique of the state. The founding works of anarchist thought, by Godwin, Proudhon and Stirner, are explored and anarchism is examined in its historical context, including the influence of such events as the Enlightenment and the French Revolution on anarchist thought. Finally, the major theoretical developments of anarchism from the late-nineteenth century to the present are summarized and evaluated. This book is both a highly readable account of the development of anarchist thinking and a lucid and well-reasoned defence of the anarchist philosophy.

Gustav Landauer Anarchist And Jew

Author by : Paul Mendes-Flohr
Language : en
Publisher by : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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Description : For Gustav Landauer, literary critic and anarchist, participant of the Bavarian revolution and scholar of mysticism, culture and politics occupied the same spiritual space. While identifying with ethical socialism, his Jewish sensibility increasingly gained over the years, not only, but in great measure due to Buber’s influence. This volume assesses Landauer’s literary and political activities, paying particular attention to his impact on Buber.

The Voltairine De Cleyre Reader

Author by : Voltairine De Cleyre
Language : en
Publisher by : A K PressDistribution
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Description : The scope and depth of de Cleyre's activism, study and concern are finally available in this collection of poetry and prose. Combined into a fully annotated single volume are classic works as well as writings which have not been widely available for decades. Though never as infamous as Emma Goldman, de Cleyre distinguished herself as a leading intellectual, activist, speaker and writer. Though she died young in 1912 at the age of 46, she had already made a tremendous impact in anarchist, feminist and labour movements in America.

Hazell S Annual Cyclopaedia

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Description :

Home Cheese Making 4th Edition

Author by : Ricki Carroll
Language : en
Publisher by : Storey Publishing
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Description : Widely acclaimed as “the Cheese Queen,” Ricki Carroll has guided thousands of home cheese makers and inspired the burgeoning popularity of artisanal cheese making with her classic book, Home Cheese Making, first published in 1982, with over 400,000 copies in print. The completely updated fourth edition features 35 new cheese recipes, color photography of step-by-step techniques, and new profiles of contemporary cheese makers. The additions to this comprehensive volume reflect the broader selection of cheeses available in specialty food stores and groceries, including burrata, stracchino, Brillat-Savarin, D’Affinois, Cambrales, Drunk Gouda, Pecorino Pepato, goat milk’s gouda, and more. Companion recipes are included for cheese plate condiments and classic cheese dishes. For cheese lovers wanting to make their own, Ricki Carroll’s expert advice is the key to success. This publication conforms to the EPUB Accessibility specification at WCAG 2.0 Level AA.


Author by : Xander Boyce
Language : en
Publisher by : Red Mage
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Description : Drew Michalik was working in a top-secret facility in Washington, D.C. when the Advent began. As all electronics in the world simply ceased to work, blue screens filled with information appeared before him.Drew was given access to a mana interface and a limited number of reality-altering crystals called Xatherite. Following the instructions on his vision-impairing screens, he 'slotted' his Xatherite and changed his fate: he gained the ability to cast spells. Now alone in the dark, he must battle through the government bunker-turned-dungeon in a desperate bid for survival.Escape is only the beginning, the first of his many problems in the changed world. Drew will be tasked to not only survive... but to guide the rest of humanity safely through the anarchy.

Masscult And Midcult

Author by : Dwight Macdonald
Language : en
Publisher by : New York Review of Books
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Description : A New York Review Books Original An uncompromising contrarian, a passionate polemicist, a man of quick wit and wide learning, an anarchist, a pacifist, and a virtuoso of the slashing phrase, Dwight Macdonald was an indefatigable and indomitable critic of America’s susceptibility to well-meaning cultural fakery: all those estimable, eminent, prizewinning works of art that are said to be good and good for you and are not. He dubbed this phenomenon “Midcult” and he attacked it not only on aesthetic but on political grounds. Midcult rendered people complacent and compliant, secure in their common stupidity but neither happy nor free. This new selection of Macdonald’s finest essays, assembled by John Summers, the editor of The Baffler, reintroduces a remarkable American critic and writer. In the era of smart, sexy, and everything indie, Macdonald remains as pertinent and challenging as ever.