Fortune S Favorite

Author by : Christopher J. Valin
Language : en
Publisher by : Fireship Press
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Description : When you think of the great heroes of the 18th Century Royal Navy, you would probably think of Horatio Nelson, possibly Sir Sidney Smith; but would the name Sir Charles Douglas spring to mind? If it doesn't-it should. Sir Charles Douglas played a pivotal role in many of the most important events of the late eighteenth century, and yet his name appears only in short passages and footnotes of works on naval history and the American Revolution. In Fortune's Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line, the Royal Navy captain finally receives the attention he deserves for his part in the Relief of Quebec, the Battle of Valcour Island, his naval gunnery innovations, and the Battle of the Saints, including his contribution to the "breaking of the line" maneuver, which has been a subject of controversy for nearly two centuries. Written by an American descendent of Sir Charles, Fortune's Favorite is the definitive work on this most extraordinary man.

The Novels Of Walter Scott And His Literary Relations

Author by : A. Monnickendam
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer
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Description : Using a wealth of diverse source material this book comprises an innovative critical study which, for the first time, examines Scott through the filter of his female contemporaries. It not only provides thought-provoking ideas about their handling of, for example, the love-plot, but also produces a different, more sombre Scott.

Authorship In The Long Eighteenth Century

Author by : Dustin Griffin
Language : en
Publisher by : Rowman & Littlefield
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Description : This book deals with changing conditions and conceptions of authorship in the long eighteenth century, a period said to have witnessed the birth of the modern author. Challenging claims about the public sphere and the professional writer, it engages with recent work on print culture and the history of the book and takes up such under-treated topics as the forms of literary careers and the persistence of the Renaissance “republic of letters” into the “age of authors.”

A History Of Booksellers

Author by : Henry Curwen
Language : en
Publisher by : Cambridge University Press
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Description : First published in 1874, A History of Booksellers illustrates the close relationship between publishers, authors and their public. Curwen develops his theme by means of anecdotal and entertaining studies of individual British publishing houses, mostly from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a brief survey of earlier periods.

The Luath Burns Companion

Author by : John Cairney
Language : en
Publisher by : Luath Press Ltd
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Description : This is not another complete works collection but a personal selection of sixty favourite poems, songs and other works, chosen by the Man Who Played Burns , as well as an introduction that explores Burns' life and influences, his triumphs and tragedies. The Luath Burns Companion is a unique introduction to the works of ona of Scotland's best loved poets by a man with an obvious love and depth of understanding for Burns and his work. This selection reveals the drama, passion, pathos and humour that make Burns s work what it is. He was always a forward thinking man and remains a writer for the future.

The Diaries Of Hermann Ludwig Von L Wenstern

Author by : Victoria Joan Moessner
Language : en
Publisher by : Page Publishing Inc
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Description : Hermann Ludwig von Löwenstern (1777-1836), as a younger son of the landed gentry in Estonia, had no prospects of being given an estate, i.e. a means of livelihood in his homeland. Therefore, at the age of 15 he entered Russian naval service. In 1797 while in England, he began keeping detailed diaries during the English sailors’ revolt and continued them until leaving the Russian navy in 1815 to marry and take over estates in Estonia. From England in 1799, he sailed to Gibraltar, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, and the Crimea. He describes how the Russians saved Turkish sailors in Palermo and suggests that the Russians might have caught Napoleon fleeing Egypt if the Russian admiral had acted. In 1801, he traveled overland from the Crimea to St. Petersburg to obtain the Tsar’s permission to leave Russian service and try to enter French service. Since he was no sycophant like others he met in Napoleonic Paris, he gave up trying to enter French service and spent his time visiting the sights of Paris, including Napoleon inspecting his troops, and had a love affair with his innkeeper. He then returned to Estonia by way of Berlin, where he learned of the coming Russian voyage around the world. (A translation of his diary from this voyage has been published by the University of Alaska Press). Therefore, this translation is of his diaries from before and after the voyage around the world. His diaries were never submitted to Russian censorship so they contain his personal feelings and impressions of events around him. He wrote freely without censoring himself and seems often to have used his diaries as a relief value for his frustrations and anger with his government, superiors, fellow officers, and the citizens of the various ports where he served.