Learn Science Learn Math Learn To Teach Science And Math Homo Sapiens

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Description : Dr. Hedy Moscovici’s life on three continents and her battle with ovarian cancer shaped the unique co-learning and participative leadership perspective on science and mathematics education shared in this book. This text has multiple audiences – prospective and practicing teachers wanting to motivate their students to learn, science and mathematics educators mentoring teachers to become transformative intellectuals and critical pedagogues, parents interested in their children’s advancement, and interested policymakers and public wishing to deepen their understanding about learning in general and educational issues in science and mathematics. Two mottos, “I can’t learn from you if you can’t learn from me” and “to teach is to learn twice,” summarize the essence of her message. The spotlight is on the critical interdependence of factors, specifically human ability to construct understanding; necessity of disequilibrium to spark neural rewiring; cognition-emotion (pleasure vs. pain, even science or math phobia) connections; sociocultural context; dilemma created by the absence of a clearly trustworthy “learning meter” for a society valuing objective measurement of quality of learning; human relationships sustained by three R’s (rights, responsibilities, respect); and, heightened awareness of power relationships leading to a spirit of collaboration, recognition of each individual’s strengths and expertise; and critical pedagogy.

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Robo Sapiens Japanicus

Author by : Jennifer Robertson
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Description : Japan is arguably the first postindustrial society to embrace the prospect of human-robot coexistence. Over the past decade, Japanese humanoid robots designed for use in homes, hospitals, offices, and schools have become celebrated in mass and social media throughout the world. In Robo sapiens japanicus, Jennifer Robertson casts a critical eye on press releases and public relations videos that misrepresent robots as being as versatile and agile as their science fiction counterparts. An ethnography and sociocultural history of governmental and academic discourse of human-robot relations in Japan, this book explores how actual robots—humanoids, androids, and animaloids—are “imagineered” in ways that reinforce the conventional sex/gender system and political-economic status quo. In addition, Robertson interrogates the notion of human exceptionalism as she considers whether “civil rights” should be granted to robots. Similarly, she juxtaposes how robots and robotic exoskeletons reinforce a conception of the “normal” body with a deconstruction of the much-invoked Theory of the Uncanny Valley.

Gmo Sapiens

Author by : Paul Knoepfler
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Description : "Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) including plants and the foods made from them, are a hot topic of debate today, but soon related technology could go much further and literally change what it means to be human. Scientists are on the verge of being able to create people who are GMOs. Should they do it? Could we become a healthier and 'better' species or might eugenics go viral leading to a real, new world of genetic dystopia? GMO Sapiens tackles such questions by taking a fresh look at the cutting-edge biotech discoveries that have made genetically modified people possible. Bioengineering, genomics, synthetic biology, and stem cells are changing sci-fi into reality before our eyes. This book will capture your imagination with its clear, approachable writing style. It will draw you into the fascinating discussion of the life-changing science of human genetic modification."--

Homo Sapiens Europ Us

Author by : Michael Kuhn
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Description : In many ways, education mirrors society by reflecting changing and emergent goals and values as well as by contributing to both the reproduction and production of particular life forms. In the context of the formative project -Europe, - education is called upon to play an increasingly central role, one that is responsive to particular images of the European Union and to its aspirations and goals. The widespread conviction is that education and training will re-invigorate ailing economies, and that, in the context of globalization, national and regional competitiveness will only prevail if there is a qualitative continued improvement in human capital. This volume critically examines such claims, considering the ways in which learning is being constructed across Europe and the implications this has for notions of democratic citizenship and education."

Electronic Financial Services

Author by : Hakman A Wan
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Description : Electronic Financial Services provides an extensive overview of technology management and information communications technologies (ICT) in the financial services. Chapters cover E-banking, E-insurance, E-stock trading and E-fundraising and use examples of state-of-the-art information systems that are supporting the Internet operations of many financial service institutions. Jargon is not avoided, but is explained thoroughly Includes studies of e-finance systems in use by the major financial services in the world Small case studies are included, plus questions for discussion are given at chapter ends


Author by : Yuval Noah Harari
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Description : **Over 1 million copies sold** **The Sunday Times #1 bestseller** FIRE gave us power FARMING made us hungry for more MONEY gave us purpose SCIENCE made us deadly This is the thrilling account of our extraordinary history – from insignificant apes to rulers of the world.

Homo Sapiens To Homo X

Author by : Lawrence Nyaguti Ochieng.
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Description : Each successive generation of mankind since archaic times has been shown to exhibit significant difference in aesthetics, social behavior and physiological make up. These changes are evolutionary. This book is therefore a study of humans since archaic times and the changes that have since occurred in man. It seeks to convince the world that from apelike, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and then Homo sapiens, we are now Homo x. By exploiting Charles Darwins organic theory of evolution and recorded historical developments (social, cultural, and biological) to date, the research has proved that your child or the youth around you is most likely a higher evolved human species, or different from you. He or she is Homo x. The book highlights historical, climatic, technological, and cultural adaptation by Homo sapiens since the exit of Homo erectus, which has catapulted evolutionary transformation of man within the shortest period making Homo sapiens the fastest of the hominids in the evolution succession to have undergone complete evolution by explaining the differences in lifespan experience of each hominid. It is therefore intended to help transform our policy and legislative and cultural perspectives on nurturing our children with clear knowledge that they are indeed different from us!

The Logic Of Chance

Author by : Eugene V. Koonin
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Description : The Logic of Chance offers a reappraisal and a new synthesis of theories, concepts, and hypotheses on the key aspects of the evolution of life on earth in light of comparative genomics and systems biology. The author presents many specific examples from systems and comparative genomic analysis to begin to build a new, much more detailed, complex, and realistic picture of evolution. The book examines a broad range of topics in evolutionary biology including the inadequacy of natural selection and adaptation as the only or even the main mode of evolution; the key role of horizontal gene transfer in evolution and the consequent overhaul of the Tree of Life concept; the central, underappreciated evolutionary importance of viruses; the origin of eukaryotes as a result of endosymbiosis; the concomitant origin of cells and viruses on the primordial earth; universal dependences between genomic and molecular-phenomic variables; and the evolving landscape of constraints that shape the evolution of genomes and molecular phenomes. "Koonin's account of viral and pre-eukaryotic evolution is undoubtedly up-to-date. His "mega views" of evolution (given what was said above) and his cosmological musings, on the other hand, are interesting reading." Summing Up: Recommended Reprinted with permission from CHOICE, copyright by the American Library Association.

Is The Planet Full

Author by : Ian Goldin
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Description : What are the impacts of population growth? Can our planet support the demands of the ten billion people anticipated to be the world's population by the middle of this century? While it is common to hear about the problems of overpopulation, might there be unexplored benefits of increasing numbers of people in the world? How can we both consider and harness the potential benefits brought by a healthier, wealthier and larger population? May more people mean more scientists to discover how our world works, more inventors and thinkers to help solve the world's problems, more skilled people to put these ideas into practice? In this book, leading academics with a wide range of expertise in demography, philosophy, biology, climate science, economics and environmental sustainability explore the contexts, costs and benefits of a burgeoning population on our economic, social and environmental systems.