A Model Mother Family Policy And Childrearing In Post Devolution Scotland

Author by : Tania Wood
Language : en
Publisher by : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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Description : This book explores childrearing approach as one of the prime sites of the reproduction of social inequality. During the latter half of the 2000s, UK and Scottish government policy placed increasing emphasis on the importance of parenting and the early years as factors likely to have an impact on health, education and employment outcomes. Between 2005 and 2008 – the timeframe considered by this study – a number of policy initiatives emerged which were intended to support “better parenting”. This book argues that what was presented as a model of good parenting was in essence a model of middle class parenting which misunderstood and devalued other parenting approaches. In this study, Lareau’s typology of childrearing approach is used as a means of situating the UK parenting policy discourse within a broader theoretical context and assessing critically the extent to which this policy discourse reflects childrearing approaches in Scotland. The book concludes that family policy between 2005 and 2008 did not fully reflect the variety of childrearing approaches in Scotland, and that mothers whose circumstances and childrearing approach diverged from the policy model may not have been adequately supported.

Families Change

Author by : Sharon J. Price
Language : en
Publisher by : SAGE
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Description : Change is an integral part of any family's day-to-day experience. Problems, crises, transitions, and change all affect the family as our society progresses into a more complicated future. Researchers and practitioners grapple with such complex issues as divorce, violence, and changing family structures each day and require suggestions and solutions to tough situations associated with families and change. This book integrates scholarship from a variety of disciplines to address the most common problems faced by contemporary families. This new edition includes a chapter on LGBT families and covers military families. In addition. It also has a new student study site and faculty resources.

Measurement Invariance

Author by : Rens Van De Schoot
Language : en
Publisher by : Frontiers Media SA
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Description : Multi-item surveys are frequently used to study scores on latent factors, like human values, attitudes and behavior. Such studies often include a comparison, between specific groups of individuals, either at one or multiple points in time. If such latent factor means are to be meaningfully compared, the measurement structures including the latent factor and their survey items should be stable across groups and/or over time, that is ‘invariant’. Recent developments in statistics have provided new analytical tools for assessing measurement invariance (MI). The aim of this special issue is to provide a forum for a discussion of MI, covering some crucial ‘themes’: (1) ways to assess and deal with measurement non-invariance; (2) Bayesian and IRT methods employing the concept of approximate measurement invariance; and (3) new or adjusted approaches for testing MI to fit increasingly complex statistical models and specific characteristics of survey data. The special issue started with a kick-off meeting where all potential contributors shared ideas on potential papers. This expert workshop was organized at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and was funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO-VENI-451-11-008). After the kick-off meeting the authors submitted their papers, all of which were reviewed by experts in the field. The papers in the eBook are listed in alphabetical order, but in the editorial the papers are introduced thematically. Although it is impossible to cover all areas of relevant research in the field of MI, papers in this eBook provide insight on important aspects of measurement invariance. We hope that the discussions included in this special issue will stimulate further research on MI and facilitate further discussions to support the understanding of the role of MI in multi-item surveys.

Reproductive Decision Making In A Macro Micro Perspective

Author by : Dimiter Philipov
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer
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Description : This book provides new insights into the significant gap that currently exists between desired and actual fertility in Europe. It examines how people make decisions about having children and demonstrates how the macro-level environment affects micro-level decision-making. Written by an international team of leading demographers and psychologists, the book presents the theoretical and methodological developments of a three-year, European Commission-funded project named REPRO (Reproductive Decision-Making in a Macro-Micro Perspective). It also provides an overview of the research conducted by REPRO researchers both during and after the project. The book examines fertility intentions from quantitative and qualitative perspectives, demonstrates how the macro-level environment affects micro-level decision-making, and offers a multi-level analysis of fertility-related norms across Europe. Overall, this book offers insight into how people make decisions to have children, when they are most likely to act on their decisions, and how different social and policy settings affect their decisions and actions. It will appeal to researchers, graduate students, and policy advisors with an interest in fertility, demography, and life-course decision making.

Handbook Of Teaching For Physical Therapists E Book

Author by : Gail M. Jensen
Language : en
Publisher by : Elsevier Health Sciences
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Description : Whether you are practicing in an in-patient or an out-patient facility, academic institution, or clinical residency program, this well-respected handbook gives you the background and guidance you need to effectively educate individuals across the continuum of physical therapy practice. Practical, real-life examples show you how to: incorporate health literacy and needs of the learner; assess and adapt to the various learning styles of patients; use simulations in education; facilitate the development of clinical reasoning skills; and assess learning outcomes and the effectiveness of your teaching. Plus, four all-new chapters and major revisions of all content throughout the book keep you on top of the latest research and best practices. Coverage of the theory and application of educational principles across the continuum of PT practice provides the information you need to improve your skills in the educational process both in academic and clinical settings. Two section format divides content into two parts: designing academic and clinical education programs and teaching students in academic and clinical settings; and teaching patients and families in clinical and community settings. Variety of teaching and teaching assessment methods expands your teaching, learning, and assessment repertoires. Case stories at the beginning of each chapter allow you to see the relevance of the information in the chapter. Threshold concepts highlight key ideas that are important to know. Annotated bibliography at end of each chapter provides resources for further study. NEW! Chapter on Authentic Assessment: Simulation-Based Education reflects the new ways to facilitate student learning through the use of human simulation models. NEW! Chapter on Strategies for Planning and Implementing Interprofessional Education covers the fundamental concepts of team-based care and interprofessional learning. NEW! Chapter on What Makes a Good Clinical Teacher? translates current research on clinical teaching into clinical education and practice. NEW! Chapter on Facilitating the Teaching and Learning of Clinical Reasoning helps you apply current research on clinical reasoning in rehabilitation to clinical education and teaching. NEW! Two combined chapters on Patient Education and Health Literacy (previously chapters 8 and 12) and Applied Behavioral Theory and Adherence: Models for Practice (previously chapters 9 and 10) provide focused presentations on current thinking and practical strategies for addressing health literacy issues in the clinical environment. NEW! Expanded chapter on Post-Professional Clinical Residency and Fellowship Education offers more information on models and trends in residency education and mentoring.

Courtship And Marriage In Victorian England

Author by : Jennifer Phegley
Language : en
Publisher by : ABC-CLIO
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Description : This book examines the popular publications of the Victorian period, illuminating the intricacies of courtship and marriage from the differing perspectives of the working, middle, and upper classes.

Model Women And Children

Author by : Horace Mayhew
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Description :