Collins Dictionary Geology

Author by : Dorothy Farris Lapidus
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Publisher by : HarperCollins UK
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Description : A revised and updated edition of this essential guide to Geology for both students and the general reader The second edition of the Collins Dictionary of Geology, first published in 1987, is a fully comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of geology, encompassing all the major areas of study in over 4500 entries, making current terminology accessible for the general reader while retaining the breadth and depth of explanation required by students of geology. The text has been fully revised and updated to cover all the major areas of geological study, including practical and economic applications.

Dictionary Of Mathematical Geosciences

Author by : Richard J. Howarth
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer
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Description : This dictionary includes a number of mathematical, statistical and computing terms and their definitions to assist geoscientists and provide guidance on the methods and terminology encountered in the literature. Each technical term used in the explanations can be found in the dictionary which also includes explanations of basics, such as trigonometric functions and logarithms. There are also citations from the relevant literature to show the term’s first use in mathematics, statistics, etc. and its subsequent usage in geosciences.


Author by : A. Krishna Sinha
Language : en
Publisher by : Geological Society of America
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Description : "The science of informatics in the broadest sense has been several thousands of years in the making. With the recent emergence of large storage devices and high-speed processing of data, it has become possible to organize vast amounts of data as digital products with ontologic tags and concepts for smart queries. Coupling this computational capability with earth science data defines the emerging field of geoinformatics. Since the science of geology was established several centuries ago, observations led to conclusions that were integrative in concept and clearly had profound implications for the birth of geology. As disciplinary information about Earth becomes more voluminous, the use of geoinformatics will lead to integrative, science-based discoveries of new knowledge about planetary systems. Twenty one research papers, co-authored by 96 researchers from both earth and computer sciences, provide the first-ever organized presentation of the science of informatics as it relates to geology. Readers will readily recognize the vast intellectual content represented by these papers as they seek to address the core research goals of geoinformatics."--Publisher's website.


Author by : Committee on Coal Research, Technology, and Resource Assessments to Inform Energy Policy
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Publisher by : National Academies Press
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Description : Coal will continue to provide a major portion of energy requirements in the United States for at least the next several decades. It is imperative that accurate information describing the amount, location, and quality of the coal resources and reserves be available to fulfill energy needs. It is also important that the United States extract its coal resources efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner. A renewed focus on federal support for coal-related research, coordinated across agencies and with the active participation of the states and industrial sector, is a critical element for each of these requirements. Coal focuses on the research and development needs and priorities in the areas of coal resource and reserve assessments, coal mining and processing, transportation of coal and coal products, and coal utilization.

Geological Disposal Of Carbon Dioxide And Radioactive Waste A Comparative Assessment

Author by : Ferenc L. Toth
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Publisher by : Springer Science & Business Media
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Description : Fossil fuels will remain the backbone of the global energy economy for the foreseeable future. The contribution of nuclear energy to the global energy supply is also expected to increase. With the pressing need to mitigate climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the fossil energy industry is exploring the possibility of carbon dioxide disposal in geological media. Geological disposal has been studied for decades by the nuclear industry with a view to ensuring the safe containment of its wastes. Geological disposal of carbon dioxide and that of radioactive waste gives rise to many common concerns in domains ranging from geology to public acceptance. In this respect, comparative assessments reveal many similarities, ranging from the transformation of the geological environment and safety and monitoring concerns to regulatory, liability and public acceptance issues. However, there are profound differences on a broad range of issues as well, such as the quantities and hazardous features of the materials to be disposed of, the characteristics of the targeted geological media, the site engineering technologies involved and the timescales required for safe containment at the disposal location. There are ample opportunities to learn from comparisons and to derive insights that will assist policymakers responsible for national energy strategies and international climate policies.

Dictionary Of Geology And Mineralogy

Author by : William Humble
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Description :

Geographic Information

Author by : Roger A. Longhorn
Language : en
Publisher by : CRC Press
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Description : Bringing producer and consumer debates together, Geographic Information: Value, Pricing, Production, and Consumption provides a coherent perspective on what have become emotional and territorial issues of IPR protection and liberation. This book addresses a range of issues relating to GI, from its definition, purpose, and use to how GI affects individuals, organizations, and governments. It examines business issues including pricing, exploitation, competition, and IPR in private, commercial, and public domain environments. It also introduces a detailed case study that shows how the GI collection and dissemination policies affect regional and global environmental monitoring programs.

Dictionary Of Christianity And Science

Author by :
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Publisher by : Zondervan
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Description : The Dictionary of Christianity and Science provides, in one volume, entries on over 450 key terms, theories, individuals, movements, and debates at the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary science. In addition, because certain topics such as the age of the Earth and the historicity of Adam and Eve provoke disagreement among Christians, the dictionary includes “Counterpoints”-like essays that advocate for the views most commonly held among evangelicals. Representatives of leading perspectives present their arguments vigorously but respectfully in these advocacy essays, allowing readers to compare options and draw their own conclusions. The dictionary is also fully cross-referenced and entries include references and recommendation for further reading. Edited by Paul Copan, Tremper Longman III, Christopher L. Reese, and Michael G. Strauss, the Dictionary of Christianity and Science features a top-notch lineup of over 140 contributors in the fields of biblical studies, theology, philosophy, history, and various sciences. A unique reference work, it will be useful for scholars, pastors, students, and any Christian wanting to better understand the most relevant issues and ideas at the intersection of Christian faith and science.