Personal Life Motivation Skills Manifesto

Author by : Samantha Claire
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Description : "MANY CAN NOW HAVE THE SKILLS TO SELF-MOTIVATE THEMSELVES AT WILL-- WHO NEVER THOUGHT THEY COULD!" Perhaps you're browsing through these books because you recognize you have a problem how to be more motivated? You hate it, but you feel you have to do it! A project perhaps? Desperate how to stay motivated to lose weight? How to motivate yourself to study? How to motivate your kids or others you care about? Whatever it may be, the problem is the same. Weak motivation or even NO MOTIVATION at all! My goal for you today is teach you about the nature self - motivation, what it is, what's killing it, and how to program a motivated brain--at will! That's right, learn what motivates people, how you can energize your excitement, passion, inspiration and inner drive to do the task at hand! Cool superpower aint it? If you can have this power? You can virtually push a button, and become excited to do what you need to do. You will actually feel the DESIRE to want to do it! How powerful is that? Imagine all the work you can do! You won't need to struggle through it ever again! Your mind says DO IT, and you can actually make yourself WANT TO DO IT! Master the craft of motivation and start enjoying the benefits today! Grab your copy today!

Engaging Schools

Author by : Committee on Increasing High School Students' Engagement and Motivation to Learn
Language : en
Publisher by : National Academies Press
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Description : When it comes to motivating people to learn, disadvantaged urban adolescents are usually perceived as a hard sell. Yet, in a recent MetLife survey, 89 percent of the low-income students claimed "I really want to learn" applied to them. What is it about the school environment-pedagogy, curriculum, climate, organization-that encourages or discourages engagement in school activities? How do peers, family, and community affect adolescents' attitudes towards learning? Engaging Schools reviews current research on what shapes adolescents' school engagement and motivation to learn-including new findings on students' sense of belonging-and looks at ways these can be used to reform urban high schools. This book discusses what changes hold the greatest promise for increasing students' motivation to learn in these schools. It looks at various approaches to reform through different methods of instruction and assessment, adjustments in school size, vocational teaching, and other key areas. Examples of innovative schools, classrooms, and out-of-school programs that have proved successful in getting high school kids excited about learning are also included.

Human Motivation

Author by : David C. McClelland
Language : en
Publisher by : CUP Archive
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Description : Human Motivation examines the methods behind four major human motive systems - achievement, power, affiliation and avoidance.

Linear Algebra Via Exterior Products

Author by : Sergei Winitzki
Language : en
Publisher by : Sergei Winitzki
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Description : This is a pedagogical introduction to the coordinate-free approach in basic finite-dimensional linear algebra. The reader should be already exposed to the array-based formalism of vector and matrix calculations. This book makes extensive use of the exterior (anti-commutative, "wedge") product of vectors. The coordinate-free formalism and the exterior product, while somewhat more abstract, provide a deeper understanding of the classical results in linear algebra. Without cumbersome matrix calculations, this text derives the standard properties of determinants, the Pythagorean formula for multidimensional volumes, the formulas of Jacobi and Liouville, the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, the Jordan canonical form, the properties of Pfaffians, as well as some generalizations of these results.

Motivation For Payments For Ecosystem Services In Laos

Author by : William Robichaud
Language : en
Publisher by : CIFOR
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Description : Payment for ecosystems services (PES) is a mechanism that attempts to create motivation for the conservation of biodiversity, where insufficient motivation existed before. Laos is a country rich in natural resources, with high dependence on these natural resources (particularly forests and rivers) for national income generation. Consequently, the country would seem to be fertile ground for the application of the PES concept, particularly in the hydropower sector. The largest hydropower project currently in operation in Laos is the Nam Theun 2 dam, which exports most of its electricity to neighboring Thailand. The dam’s watershed is the largest nature reserve in Indochina, Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area. Through mechanisms brokered by the World Bank, Nam Theun 2 has several features common to PES schemes. They are focused on using revenues from the dam to conserve the biodiversity and forest cover of Nakai-Nam Theun. This brief examines the degree of alignment of Nam Theun 2 with PES principles as commonly understood, and examines the potential for successful application of PES schemes generally in Laos. Some generally recognized constraints to implementation of PES schemes in developing countries are compounded in Laos, a Marxist state, which embraces social and economic philosophies contrary to the capitalist PES features of individual ownership of natural resources and transparency. Consequently, motivation within government for advancing PES in policy and law will likely be low, and a constraint to its uptake within the country. The way forward will likely be to focus on small, local projects that align with existing government policy.

The Motivation To Work

Author by : Frederick Herzberg
Language : en
Publisher by : Transaction Publishers
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Description : Quality work that fosters job satisfaction and health enjoys top priority in industry all over the world. This was not always so. Until recently analysis of job attitudes focused primarily on human relations problems within organizations. While American industry was trying to solve the unsolvable problem of avoiding interpersonal dissatisfaction, problems with the potential for solution, such as training and quality production, were ignored. When first published, The Motivation to Work challenged the received wisdom by showing that worker fulfillment came from achievement and growth within the job itself. In his new introduction, Herzberg examines thirty years of motivational research in job-related areas. Based on workers' accounts of real events that have made them feel good or bad on the job, the findings of Herzberg and his colleagues have stimulated research and controversy that continue to the present day. The authors surprisingly found that while a poor work environment generated discontent, improved conditions seldom brought about improved attitudes. Instead, satisfaction came most often from factors intrinsic to work: achievements, job recognition, and work that was challenging, interesting, and responsible. The evidence marshaled by this volume called into question many previous assumptions about job satisfaction and worker motivation. Feelings about intrinsic and extrinsic factors could not be validly averaged on a single scale of measurement. Motivation and performance are not merely dependent upon environmental needs and external rewards. Frederick Herzberg and his staff based their motivation—hygiene theory on a variety of human needs and applied it to a strategy of job enrichment that has widely influenced motivation and job design strategies. Motivation to Work is a landmark volume that is of enduring interest to sociologists, psychologists, labor studies specialists, and organization analysts.

Elementary Science Methods A Constructivist Approach

Author by : David Martin
Language : en
Publisher by : Cengage Learning
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Description : The text that pioneered a constructivist approach to elementary science teaching is based on two fundamental and complementary ideas: that it’s more important for children to learn how to do science than to learn about science, and that elementary science teachers needing to know a great deal of science, but rather should be co-inquirers with their students. ELEMENTARY SCIENCE METHODS: A CONSTRUCTIVIST APPROACH, Sixth Edition, features a wealth of exercises, including open-ended inquiry activities that help teacher candidates construct their own conceptualizations about science content and teaching methods. More than 170 process-oriented, open-ended activities, organized by grade level, can be used to encourage children to develop and perform their own investigations. All activities and much of the text content are clearly linked to National Science Education Standards (NSES) for content, professional development, assessment, and teaching. Also included are suggestions for appropriate children’s literature to encourage interdisciplinary learning. The book’s website, Education CourseMate, provides valuable tools and resources such as additional activities and video clips that students can use both in their college course and later in elementary science classrooms. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Inspiring Thoughts

Author by : Apj Abdul Kalam
Language : en
Publisher by : Rajpal & Sons
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Description : Inspiring Quotations by Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Psychiatric Interviewing

Author by : Shawn Christopher Shea
Language : en
Publisher by : Elsevier Health Sciences
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Description : With time at a premium, today's clinicians must rapidly engage their patients while gathering an imposingly large amount of critical information. These clinicians appropriately worry that the "person" beneath the diagnoses will be lost in the shuffle of time constraints, data gathering, and the creation of the electronic health record. Psychiatric Interviewing: The Art of Understanding: A Practical Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses, and other Mental Health Professionals, 3rd Edition tackles these problems head-on, providing flexible and practical solutions for gathering critical information while always attending to the concerns and unique needs of the patient. Over five years in the making, this classic introduction to the art of clinical interviewing returns, updated, expanded and innovatively designed for today's reader with over 7.5 hours of streaming video integrated directly into the text itself. Readers now also become viewers, acquiring the rare opportunity to see the author both illustrating specific interviewing techniques and subsequently discussing effective ways in which to employ them. The founder and Director of the acclaimed Cape Cod Symposium, Rob Guerette, describes Dr. Shea's skills as a speaker as follows, "Dr. Shea is an extremely gifted teacher, whose vibrant story-telling skills and compelling videos have led to him garnering some of the highest evaluations in the 30 year history of the Cape Cod Symposium. In short, readers are in for a rare treat when viewing the book's video component." Within the text, Dr. Shea deftly integrates interviewing techniques from a variety of professional disciplines from psychiatry to clinical psychology, social work, and counseling providing a broad scope of theoretical foundation. Written in the same refreshing, informal writing style that made the first two editions best sellers, the text provides a compelling introduction to all of the core interviewing skills from conveying empathy, effectively utilizing open-ended questions, and forging a powerful therapeutic alliance to sensitively structuring the interview while understanding nonverbal communication at a sophisticated level. Updated to the DSM-5, the text also illustrates how to arrive at a differential diagnosis in a humanistic, caring fashion with the patient treated as a person, not just another case. Whether the reader is a psychiatric resident or a graduate student in clinical psychology, social work, counseling or psychiatric nursing, the updated third edition is designed to prepare the trainee to function effectively in the hectic worlds of community mental health centers, inpatient units, emergency rooms, and university counseling centers. To do so, the pages are filled with sample questions and examples of interviewing dialogue that bring to life methods for sensitively exploring difficult topics such as domestic violence, drug abuse, incest, antisocial behavior, and taking a sexual history as well as performing complex processes such as the mental status. The expanded chapter on suicide assessment includes an introduction to the internationally acclaimed interviewing strategy for uncovering suicidal ideation, the Chronological Assessment of Suicide Events (CASE Approach). Dr. Shea, the creator of the CASE Approach, then illustrates its techniques in a compelling video demonstrating its effective use in an interview involving a complex presentation of suicidal planning and intent .A key aspect of this text is its unique appeal to both novice and experienced clinicians. It is designed to grow with the reader as they progress through their graduate training, while providing a reference that the reader will pull off the shelf many times in their subsequent career as a mental health professional

The Bikini Body Motivation Habits Guide

Author by : Kayla Itsines
Language : en
Publisher by : Macmillan Publishers Aus.
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Description : Use the power of motivation and good habits to become fitter, healthier and stronger, for life! Bikini Body Guides (BBG) co-creator Kayla Itsines, named the world's number one fitness influencer by Forbes, shows you how to harness the power of motivation and build good habits around health and fitness. Drawing on more than 40,000 survey responses from her global online community, as well as extensive research and her experience as a trainer, Kayla addresses what stops us from following through on our health and fitness goals. In her second book, The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide, Kayla explores how you can overcome those obstacles, set goals and stick to a long-term plan for better health. Inside, you'll find helpful checklists and templates, a 28-day meal plan, more than 200 simple and delicious recipes, shopping lists and a downloadable 28-day workout poster. Let global fitness phenomenon Kayla show you how YOU can stick to a plan for long-term health. "In this book, I give you the keys to achieving your goals and show you how to use motivation to create healthy habits that will stick." This is a specially formatted fixed-layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.