Far Right Politics In Europe

Author by : Jean-Yves Camus
Language : en
Publisher by : Harvard University Press
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Description : Jean-Yves Camus and Nicolas Lebourg’s critical look at the far right throughout Europe reveals a prehistory and politics more complex than the stereotypes suggest and warns of the challenges it poses to the EU’s liberal-democratic order. These movements are determined to gain power through legitimate electoral means, and they are succeeding.

The Populist Radical Right

Author by : Cas Mudde
Language : en
Publisher by : Routledge
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Description : The populist radical right is one of the most studied political phenomena in the social sciences, counting hundreds of books and thousands of articles. This is the first reader to bring together the most seminal articles and book chapters on the contemporary populist radical right in western democracies. It has a broad regional and topical focus and includes work that has made an original theoretical contribution to the field, which make them less time-specific. The reader is organized in six thematic sections: (1) ideology and issues; (2) parties, organizations, and subcultures; (3) leaders, members, and voters; (4) causes; (5) consequences; and (6) responses. Each section features a short introduction by the editor, which introduces and ties together the selected pieces and provides discussion questions and suggestions for further readings. The reader is ended with a conclusion in which the editor reflects on the future of the populist radical right in light of (more) recent political developments – most notably the Greek economic crisis and the refugee crisis – and suggest avenues for future research.

Challenges In Europe Indian Perspectives

Author by : Gulshan Sachdeva
Language : en
Publisher by : Springer
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Description :

The Far Right In The Balkans

Author by : Vera Stojarová
Language : en
Publisher by : Oxford University Press
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Description : This is the first book to provide comprehensive coverage of the far right political party phenomenon in the Balkans. The author focuses on parties generally described as lying on the far right in academic literature and examines their development from 2000 until 2010. The book provides a detailed analysis of the historical legacy essential in understanding the overall context of nationalism in the region as well as an overview of the far right political parties in each country. It discusses parties individually, detailing their ideological features, strategy, internal organisation and leadership, and compares their political, social, economic, ethno-cultural and international characteristics. It reveals the main factors that were influential in the successes and failures of the far right, and offers a comparison between the typical far right voter living in the Balkans and his counterpart in Western Europe. The implementation and enforcement of legislature such as hate speech laws is also examined, along with other legal issues affecting the extremist parties in the region.

Sex France And Arab Men 1962 1979

Author by : Todd Shepard
Language : en
Publisher by : University of Chicago Press
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Description : Sex talk and the post-Algerian history of France -- The far right and the reinvigoration of sexual orientalism in post-decolonization France -- May '68, "Arab perversion," and anti-Arab racism -- The Algerian revolution and Arab men in the fight for sexual revolution -- Homosociality, "human contact," and the specter of the Arab man in the post-'68 French gay world -- Prostitution and the Arab man, 1945-1975: Algerian pimps and the "takeover" of the "whores of France" -- Prostitution and the Arab man, 1962-1979: prostitutes, Arab clients, and "the traffic in white women" -- Power, resistance, and sodomy in post-Algerian France -- Rape as metaphor in the 1970s -- Rape as act in the 1970s -- The erotics of Algerian difference, 1979-2016