Group Theory And Chemistry

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Publisher by : C CHITRA THOMAS
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Description : This book is a compilation of the pdf files of all the 73 videos on Group Theory published in the YouTube channel 'Chemistry Learning Simplified' Link to the Channel: About the YouTube channel: CHEMISTRY LEARNING SIMPLIFIED is a Channel which helps science students of the world to learn abstract and difficult concepts in chemistry with ease. There are three series of videos in this channel 1. GROUP THEORY AND CHEMISTRY (Completed series with 73 videos) 2. QUANTUM CHEMISTRY (Almost completed series with 61 videos ) 3. MOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY ( Ongoing series with 20 videos) In addition to these three series, there are several videos dealing with some of the very important and fundamental concepts in chemistry. “From the very basics to the most advanced” is the guiding principle in the creation of all these videos. The videos have been created in such a way that the contents can be used as a direct learning material by students and direct teaching material by teachers.

The Organic Chemistry Of Drug Design And Drug Action Power Pdf

Author by : Richard B. Silverman
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Publisher by : Elsevier
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Description : This CD-ROM edition of Silverman's Organic Chemisry of Drug Design and Drug Action, Second Edition reflects the significant changes in the drug industry in recent years, using an accessible interactive approach. This CD-ROM integrates the author's own PowerPoint slides, indexed and linked to the book pages in PDF format. The three-part structure includes an all-electronic text with full-text search capabilites and nearly 800 powerpoint slides. This is a unique and powerful combination of electronic study guide and full book pages. Users can hyperlink seamlessly from the main text to key points and figures on the outline and back again. It serves as a wonderful supplement for instructors as well as a fully integrated text and study aid for students. * Three-part package includes 1) powerpoint, 2) integrated powerpoint and pdf-based text, and 3) fully searchable PDF-based text with index * Includes new full-color illustrations, structures, schemes, and figures as well as extensive chapter problems and exercises * User-friendly buttons transition from overview (study-guide) format to corresponding book page and back with the click of a mouse * Full-text search capabality an incomparable tool for researchers seeking specific references and/or unindexed phrases

Comprehensive Chemistry Xi

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Description :

Textbook Of Organic Chemistry

Author by : P S Kalsi
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Publisher by : Macmillan
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Description : This book provides an in-depth information on the principles and practices of modern organic chemistry. The traditional functional group organization is retained, and cross-reference of important reactions with the text, as well as solved examples, reinfo

Complete Chemistry

Author by : Rose Marie Gallagher
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Publisher by : Oxford University Press, USA
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Description : Complete Chemistry is a revised and enlarged edition of the popular GCSE Chemistry improved to bring it totally up-to-date. This book covers all syllabuses with core material, for Double Award, and extension material, for Science: Chemistry. The breadth and depth is sufficient to stretch your students aiming for the top grades and makes it an excellent foundation for those intending to progress to advanced level chemistry. Key Points: · Now includes all the necessary topics for IGCSE · Concepts and principles of chemistry presented in a clear, straightforward style · Lively and colourful coverage of the relevance of chemistry in the real world · End of chapter testing with more challenging and structured questions · Examination style questions · Pagination remains the same as GCSE Chemistry so that the two can be used alongside each other

Physical Chemistry

Author by : R L Madan
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Publisher by : McGraw-Hill Education
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Description : This text on Physical Chemistry encourages users to understand rather than just rote learning. Simple and lucid language has been used to explain principles and practices. The coverage spans large variety of topics including Gaseous State, Liquid State, Solid State, Colloidal State, Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, Distribution Law, Electrochemistry, Atomic Structure and Wave Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Photochemistry, Polymers and Nuclear Chemistry. Salient Features : • Latest IUPAC notations and SI units used • More than 1200 stepwise solved problems and numerical problems • Special features such as interesting facts, common pitfalls, key terms

A Level Chemistry

Author by : E. N. Ramsden
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Publisher by : Nelson Thornes
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Description : This highly regarded textbook covers all the main A Level Chemistry specifications.

Textbook Of Medicinal Chemistry Vol I E Book

Author by : V Alagarsamy
Language : en
Publisher by : Elsevier Health Sciences
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Description : Dr Alagarsamy's Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry is a much-awaited masterpiece in its arena. Targeted mainly to B. Pharm. students, this book will also be useful for M. Pharm. as well as M. Sc. organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry students. It aims at eliminating the inadequacies in teaching and learning of medicinal chemistry by providing enormous information on all the topics in medicinal chemistry of synthetic drugs. Salient Features Contains clear classification, synthetic schemes, mode of action, metabolism, assay, pharmacological uses with the dose and structure–activity relationship (SAR) of the following classes of drugs: Drugs acting on inflammation Drugs acting on respiratory system Drugs acting on digestive system Drugs acting on blood and blood-forming organs Drugs acting on endocrine system Contains a complete section on chemotherapy and the various classes of chemotherapeutic agents. Also includes recent topics like anti-HIV agents Contains brief introduction about the physiological and pathophysiological conditions of diseases and their treatment under each topic Provides well-illustrated synthetic schemes and alternative synthetic routes for majority of drugs that help in quick and enhanced understanding of the subject Covers the syllabi of majority of Indian universities